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Abeysekera,N., Gardiner,S., Barnard,S., & Mathy,JA

Near fatal haemorrhage in neurofibromatosis type 1 associated with occult giant cavernous venous malformation

ANZ Journal of Surgery   2021;91(3):e147-148


Abdeltawab,H., Svirkis,D., Boyd,BJ., Hill,A.. & Sharma,M

Injectable thermoresponsive gels offer sustained dual release of bupivacaine hydrochloride and ketorolac tromethamine for up to two weeks

International Journal of Pharmaceutics   2021;May 16


Ahmadi,O., Das,M., Hajarizadeh,B., & Mathy,J

Impact of shave biopsy on diagnosis and management of cutaneous melanoma: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Annals of Surgical Oncology   2021;March 29


Ahmadi,O., & Mathy,JA

ASO author reflections: diagnosis of melanoma using shve biopsy has minima; impact on tumor staging and treatment and does not influence patient outcomes

Annals of Surgical Oncology   2021;April 1


Alder,G., Signal,N., Vandal,AC., Olsen,S., Jochumsen,M., Niazi,IK., & Taylor,D

Investigating the intervention parameters of endogenous paired associative stimulation (ePAS)

Brain Sciences   2021;11(2):Feb 12 


Ameratunga,R., Jordan,A., Cavadino,A., Ameratunga,S., Hills,T., Steele,R., Hurst,M., McGettigan,B., Chua,I., Brewerton,M., Kennedy,N., Koopmans,W., Ahn,Y., Barker,R., Allan,C., Storey,P., Slade,C., Baker,A., Huang,L., & Woon,ST

Bronchiectasis is associated with delayed diagnosis and adverse outcomes in the New Zealand Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disorders cohort study

Clinical & Experimental Immunology   2021;March 23


Ang, E., Mweempwa, A., Heron, C., Ahn, Y., Rivalland, G., Ha, L.Y.,&  Deva, S

Cardiac troponin I and Y in Checkpoint Inhibitor-associated Myositis and Myocarditis

Journal of Immunotheerapy   2021;44(4):162-163


Ang,TN., Young,BR., Burrell,R., Taylor,M., Aroua,MK., & Baroutian,S

Oxidative hydrothermal surface modification of activated carbon for sevoflurane removal

Chemosphere Part 2   2021;no pagination


Bach, KP., Kuschel, CA., Patterson, N., Skwish, H., Huth, S., Phua, HH., & Bloomfield FH

Effect of bias gas flow on tracheal cytokine concentrations in ventilated extremely preterm infants: A randomized controlled trial

Neonatology   2021;118(3):332-339


Bailey, M.J., Rout, A., Harding, J.E., Alsweiler, J.M., Cutfield, W.S., & McKinlay, C.J.D

Prolonged transitional neonatal hypoglycaemia: characterisation of a clinical syndrome

Journal of Perinatology   2021;41(5):1149-1157


Barker-Collo,SL., Krishnamurthi,R., Ikeda,T., Te Ao,B., Green,G., Rathnasabapathy,Y., DeSilva,S., Feigin,VL., & Jones,K

Methodology of the Fatigue after Stroke Educational Recovery (FASTER) group randomised controlled trial

International Journal of Stroke   2021;April 9


Barker-Collo,SL., Krishnamurthi,R., Ikeda,T., Te Ao,B., Green,G., Rathnasabapathy,Y., Feigin,VL., DeSilva,S., & Jones,K

Express: Methodology of the Fatigue after Stroke Educational Recovery (FASTER) group randomised controlled trial

International Journal of Stroke   2021;Mar 16


Beig, J., Rostami, K., Hayman, D.T.S., Hassan, S., Gerred, S., & Ogra, R

Is duodenal biopsy always necessary for the diagnosis of coeliac disease in adult patients with high anti-tissue transglutaninase (TTG) antibody titres?

Frontline Gastroenterology  2021;no pagination


Bergin,CJ., Wilton,S., Taylor,MH., & Locke,M

Thoracic manifestations of inhalational injury caused by the Whakaari/White Island eruption

Journal of Medical Imaging & Radiation Oncology   2021;Feb 26


Bergin, K., Wellard, C., Augustson, B., Cooke, R., Blacklock, H., Harrison, SJ., Ho, J., King, T., Quach, H., Mollee, P., Walker, P., Moore, E., McQuilten, Z., Wood, E., Spencer, A., Australian and New Zealand Myeloma and Related Diseases Registry

Real-world utilisation of ASCT in multiple myeloma (MM): a report from the Australian and New Zealand myeloma and related diseases registry (MRDR)

Bone Marrow Transplantation   2021;May 19


Bergin,K., Wellard,C., Moore,E., McQuilten,Z., Blacklock,H., Harrison,SJ., Ho,PJ., King,T., Quach,H., Mollee,P., Walker,P., Wood,E., Spencer,A; Australian and New Zealand Myeloma and Related Diseases Registry

The myeloma landscape in Australia and New Zealand: The first 8 years of the Myeloma and Related Diseases Registry (MRDR)

Clinical Lymphoma, myeloma & leukemia   2021;Jan 30


Bhullar,H., County,B., Barnard,S., Anderson,A., & Seddon,ME

Reducing the MRI outpatient waiting list through a capacity and demand time series improvement programme

New Zealand Medical Journal   2021;134(1537):June 25


Boggiss, AL., Consedine, NS., Schache, KR., Wallace-Boyd, K., Cao, N., Hofman, PL., &  Serlachius AS

Exploring the views of adolescents with type 1 diabetes on digital mental health interventions: What functionality and content do they want?

Diabetic Medicine   2021;April 30


Briggs, S., Broom, M., Duffy, E., Everts, R., Everts, G., Lowe, B., McBride, S., & Bhally H

Outpatient continuous-infusion benzylpenicillin combined with either gentamicin or ceftriaxone for enterococcal endocarditis

Journal of Antimicrobila Chemotherapy   2021;76(8):2168-2171


Buchholzer, S., Faure, F., Tcheremissinoff, L., Herrmann, F.R., Lombard,i T., Ng, S.-K., Lopez, J.-M., Borner, U., Witt, R.L., Irvine, R., Abboud,, O., Cernea C.R., Ghan, S., Matsunobu, T., Ahmad, Z., Morton, R., Anicin, A., Magdy, E.A., Al Abri, R., Konstantinidis, I., Capaccio, P., Klein, H., Poorten, V.V., Lombardi, D., Lyons, B., Al Rand, H., Liao, G., Kim, J.K., Subha, S., Su, R.Y.X., Su, C.-H., Boselie, F., Andr,e R., Seebach, J.D., & Marchal, F

Novel Multidisciplinary Salivary Gland Society (MSGS) questionnaire: an international consensus

Laryngoscope   2021;no pagination


Butchard,M., Kerr,AJ., Grey,C., Wu., & Hider,P

Nationwide dispensing of cardioprotective medications during the first year following acute coronary syndrome (ANZACS-QI 56)

New Zealand Medical Journal   2021;134(1531):36-54 


Chan,D., Doughty,RN., Lund,M., Lee,M., Poppe,K., & Kerr,AJ

Prognostic significance of mid-range ejection fraction following acute coronary syndrome (ANZACS-QI 23)

New Zealand Medical Journal  2021;134(1528):57-78


Chan,DZ., Kerr,AJ., & Doughty,RN

Temporal trends in the burden of heart failure: a literature review

Internal Medicine Journal  2021;Mar 1


Chan, H., Chong, YH., Seow, MY., Li, J., Garg, P., Kelly, M., Neylon, A., McDiarmid, B., Tan, S., & Jackson, S

Electronic FRAIL score may predict treatment outcomes in older adults with myeloma

Journal of Geriatric Oncology  2021;12(4):515-520


Chapman,D., Weaver,A., Sheikh,L., MacCormick,AD., & Poole,G

Evaluation of online videos of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy using the LAP-VEGaS guidelines

Obesity Surgery  2021;31(1):111-116


Chong,CYL., Vatanen,T., Alexander,T., Bloomfield,FH., & O’Sullivan,JM

Factors associated with the microbiome in the moderate-late preterm babies: a cohort study from the DIAMOND randomised controlled trial

Frontiers in Cellular & Infection Microbiology  2021;no pagination


Cowan, FJ., McKinla,y CJD., Taylor, RS., Wilson, J., McAra-Couper, J., Garrett, N., O'Brien, A., & McCowan LME

Detection of small for gestational age babies and perinatal outcomes following implementation of the Growth Assessment Protocol at a New Zealand tertiary facility: An observational intervention study

Australian & New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology  2021;61(3):339-346


Cronin, R.S., Thompson, J.M.D., Taylor, R.S., Wilson, J., Falloon, K.F., Skelton, S., Brown, E., Culling, V.M., Mitchell, E.A., & McCowan, L.M.E

Modification of maternal; late pregnancy sleep position: A survey evaluation of a New Zealand public health campaign

BMJ Open  2021;11)5):no pagination


Culliford-Semmens, N., Tilton, E., Wilson, N., Stirling, J., Doughty, R., Gentles, T., Peat, B., Dimalapang, E., & Webb R

Echocardiography for latent rheumatic heart disease in first degree relatives of children with actue rheumatic fever: Implications for active cases fining in family members

EClinicalMedicine  2021;no pagination


Davie,G., Lilley,R., de Graaf,B., Ameratunga,S., Dicker,B., Civil,I., Reid,P., Branas,C., & Kool,B

Access to specialist hospital care and injury survivability: identifying opportunities through an observational study of prehospital trauma fatalities

Injury  2021;March 18


De Paiva Leite,SH., Morton,RP., Ahmad,Z., & Marchal,F

Do popstoperative oral corticosteroids improve results after sialendoscopy for ductal stenosis?

Laryngoscope  2021;131(5):31503-1509


Dermawan, J.K., Cheng, Y.W., Tu, Z.J., Meyer, A., Habeeb, O., Zou, Y., Goldblum, J.R., Billings, S.D., Kilpatrick, S.E., Reith, J.D., Shurtleff, S.A., Farkas, D.H., Rubin, B.P., & Azzato, E.M

Diagnostic utility of a custom 34-gene anchored multiplex pcr-based next-generation sequencing fusion panel for the diagnosis of bone and soft tissue neoplasms with identification of novel usp6 fusion partners in aneurysmal bone cysts

Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine  2021;145(7):851-863


Diprose,WK., Bainbridge,L., Frith,RW., & Anderson,NE

Bilateral upper limb neuropathies after prone ventilation for COVID-10 pneumonia

Neurology Clinical Practice  2021;11;2:e211-213


Dykes,N., Hayward,L., & Coomarasamy,C

Impact of severe obesity on long-term success and complication of the retropubic midurethral sling

International Urogynecology Journal  2021;32(1):57-63


Earle,NJ., Poppe,KK., Rolleston,A., Devlin,G., Kerr,AJ., Leggett,ME., & Doughty,RN

Outcomes for working age patinets after first-time acuate coronary syndrome – ANZACS-QI 35

International Urogynecology Journal  2021;32(1):57-63


Evans, M.G., Medeiros, L.J., Marques-Piubelli, M.L., Wang, H.-Y., Ortiz-Hidalgo, C., Pina-Oviedo, S., Morine, A., Clemens, M.W., Hunt, K.K., Iyer, S., Hu, Q., Recavarren, C., Demichelis, R., Romero, M., Sohani, A.R., Misialek, M., Amin, M.B., Bueso-Ramos, C.E., Carballo-Zarate, A.A., Lee, H.J., Ok, C.Y., Xu, J., & Miranda, R.N

Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma: clinical follow-up and analysis of sequential pathologic specimens of untreated patients show persistent or progressive disease

Modern Pathology  2021;no pagination


Fagan,G., Barazanchi,A., Coulter,G., Leeman,M., Hill,AG., & Eglinton,TW

New Zealand and Australia emergency lapatomy mortality rates compare favourably to international outcomes: a systematic review

ANZ Journal of Surgery  2021;Jan 28


Ferreira, I., Droop, A., Edwards, O., Wong, K., Harle, V., Habeeb, O., Gharpuray-Pandit, D., Houghton, J., Wiedemeyer, K., Mentzel, T., Billings, SD., Ko, JS., Fuzesi, L., Mulholland, K., Prusac, IK., Liegl-Atzwanger, B., de Saint Aubain, N., Caldwell, H., Riva, L., van der Weyden, L., Arends, MJ., Brenn, T.,  & Adams DJ

The clinicopathologic spectrum and genomic landscape of de-/trans-differentiated melanoma

Modern Pathology  2021;June 21


Fox-Lewis, A., Fox-Lewis, S., Beaumont, J., Drinkovic, D., Harrower, J., Howe, K., Jackson, C., Rahnama, F., Shilton, B., Qiao, H., Smith, K.K., Morpeth, S.C., Taylor, S., Blakiston, M., Robert,s S., & McAuliffe, G

SARS-CoV-2 viral load dynamics and real-time RT-PCR cycle threshold interpretation in symptomatic non-hospitalised individuals in New Zealand: a multicentre cross sectional observational study

Pathology  2021;53(4):530-535


Frecklington, M., Dalbeth, N., McNair, P., Vandal, A., Gow, P., & Rome K

Effects of worn and new footwear on plantar pressure in people with gout

BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders  2021;22(1):475


Gillies,R.., & Kwok,H

The selective use of preoperative MRI in the staging of breast cancer: a single-institution experience

Journal of Medical Inaging & Radiation Oncology  2021;June 22


Good,WR., Garrett,J., Hockey,HUP., Jayaram,L., Wong,C., & Rea,H

The role of high-flow nasal therapy in bronchiectasis: a post hoc analysis

Erj open Research  2021;7(1);Jan


Habeeb,O., Korty,KE,m Azzato,EM., Astbury,C., Farkas,DH., Ko,JS., & Billings,SD

EWSR1-SMAD3 rearranged fibroblastic tumor: Case series and review

Journal of Cutanoeus  Pathology  2021;48(2):255-262


Hancox,RJ., Jones,S., Baggott,C., Chen,D., Corna,N., Davies,C., Fingleton,J., Hardy,J., Hussain,S., Poot,B., Reid,J., Travers,J., Turner,J., & Young,R

New Zealand COPD Guidelines: Quick reference guide

New Zealand Medical Journal  2021;134(1530):76-110


Hardcastle,T., Rasul,U., de paiva Leite,S., Zheng,K., Donaldson,G., Ahmad,Z., & Morton,RP

The Manukau Salivary Symptoms Score for assessing the impact of sialendoscopy in recurrent obstrictive sialadenitis

Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery  2021;no pagination


Hawkins,SP., Jamieson,SG., Coomarasamy,CN., & Low,IC

The global epidemic of thyroid cancer overdiagnosis illustrated using 18 months of consecutive nodule biopsy correlating clinical priority. ACR-TIRADS and Bethesda scoring

Journal of Medical Imaging & Radiation Oncology  2021;Mar 5



Enhanced recovery after surgery: tips and tricks for success

ANZ Journal of Surgery  2021;91(3):228-229



The John Mitchell Crouch Fellowship: its value to an academic surgeon

ANZ Journal of Surgery  2021;91(5):793-794


Huang QS., Wood T., Jelley L., Jennings T., Jefferies S., Daniells K., Nesdale A., Dowell T., Turner N., Campbell-Stokes P., Balm M, Dobinson HC., Grant CC., James S., Aminisani N., Ralston J., Gunn W., Bocacao J., Danielewicz J., Moncrieff T., McNeill A., Lopez L., Waite B., Kiedrzynski T., Schrader H., Gray R., Cook K., Currin D., Engelbrecht C., Tapurau W., Emmerton L., Martin M., Baker MG., Taylor S., Trenholme A., Wong C., Lawrence S., McArthur C., Stanley A., Roberts S., Rahnama F., Bennett J., Mansell C., Dilcher M., Werno A., Grant J., van der Linden A., Youngblood B., Thomas PG., NPIsImpactOnFlu Consortium., & Webby RJ

Impact of the COVID-19 nonpharmaceutical interventions on influenza and other respiratory viral infection in New Zealand

Nature Communications  2021;12(1):1001


Hutlin,S., Hood,C., Campbell,KL., Toussaint,ND., Johnson,DW., & Badve,SV

Enhanced recovery after surgery: tips and tricks for success

ANZ Journal of Surgery  2021;91(3):228-229


Hutlin,S., Hood,C., Campbell,KL., Toussaint,ND., Johnson,DW., & Badve,SV

A systematic review and meta-analysis on effects of bicarbonate therapy on kidney outcomes

KI Reports  2021;6(3):695-705


Immanuel,J., Eagleton,C., Baker,J., & Simmons,D

Pregnancy outcomes among multi-ethnic women with different degrees of hyperglycaemia during pregnancy in an urban New Zealand population and their association with postnatal HbA1c uptake

Australia & New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology  2021;61(1):69-77


Jaung, R., Nisbet, S., Gosselink, M.P., Di Re, A., Keane, C., Lin, A., Milne, T., Su'a, B., Rajaratnam, S., Ctercteko, G., Hsee, L., Rowbotham, D., Hill, A., & Bissett, I

Antibiotics do not reduce length of hospital stay for uncomplicated diverticulitis in a pragmatic double-blind randomized trial

Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology  2021;19(3):503-510


Karri, R., Kawai, A., Thong, Y.J., Ramson, D.M., Perry, L.A., Segal, R., Smith, & J.A., Penny-Dimri, J.C.

Machine learning outperforms existing clinical scoring tolls in the prediction of postoperative atrial fibrillation during intensive care unit admission after cardiac surgery

Heart lung and Circulation  2021;no pagination


Kawanishi, H., Marshall, MR., Zhao, J., McCullough, K., Robinson, B., Pisoni, RL., Perl, J., Tomo, T., Minakuchi, J., Japan PDOPPS Study Committee

Mortality, hospitalization and transfer to haemodialysis and hybrid therapy in Japanese peritoneal dialysis patients

Peritoneal Dialysis Intenational   2021;May 18


Kovoor,JG., Scott,NA., Tivey,DR., Babidge,WJ., Scott,DA., Beavis,VS., Kok,J., MacCormick,AD., Padbury,RTA., Hugh,TJ., Hewett,PJ., Collonson,TG., Maddern,GJ., & Frydenberg,M

Proposed delay for safe surgery after Covid-19

ANZ Journal of Surgery  2021;March 3


Ladha KS., McLaren-Blades A., Goel A., Buys MJ., Farquhar-Smith P., Haroutounian S., Kotteeswaran Y., Kwofie K., Le Foll B.,Lightfoot NJ., Loiselle J.,Mace H.,Nicholls ., Regev A., Rosseland LA.,Shanthanna H., Sinha A., Sutherland A., Tanguay R., Yafai S., Glenny M., Choi P.,Ladak SSJ., Leroux TS., Kawpeng I., Samman B., Singh R., & Clarke H

Perioperative Pain and Addiction Interdisciplinary Network (PAIN): consensus recommendations for perioperative management of cannabis and cannabinoid-based medicine users by a modified Delphi process

British Journal of Anaesthesia  2021;126(1):304-318


Lam,L., Ha,L., Gladding,P., Tse,R., & Kyle,C

Effect of macrotroponin on the utility of cardiac troponin I as a prognostic biomarker for long term total and cardiovascular disease mortality

Pathology  2021;no pagination


Lee,JH., & Orr-Walker,BJ

Diabetic ketoacidosis admissions at Middlemore Hospital: observational study of cause and patient demograhics

New Zealand Medical Journal  2021;133(1525):34-40


Lee,R., Wheeler,J., & Crawford,H

Temporoparietal fascial flap for soft tissue reconstruction of pediatric and young adult foot defects: A case series

Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery  2021;60(1):140-145


Legge,t M.E., Cameron, V.A., Poppe, K.K., Aish, S., Earle, N., Choi, Y., Bradbur,y K.E., Wall, C., Stewart, R., Kerr, A., Harrison, W., Devlin, G., Troughton, R., Richards, A.M., Porter, G., Gladding, P., Rolleston, A., & Doughty, R.N

The multi-ethnic New Zealand study of acute coronary syndromes (Menzacs): Design and methodology

Cardiogenetics  2021;11(2):84-97


Lennox,L., Linwood-Amor,A., Maher,L., & Reed,J

Making change last? Exploring the value of sustainability approaches in healthcare: a scoping review

Health Research Policy & Systems  2021;18(1):120


Lewis,G., Borotkanics,R., & Upsdell,A

Inequity in outcomes from New Zealand chronic pain services

New Zealand Mediacl Journal  2021;134(1533):11-20

Lewis, KL., Chin, CK., Manos, K., Casey, J., Hamad, N., Crawford, J., Ho, SJ., Issa, S., Grigg, A., Wood, P., Gandhi, MK., Do, B., Nastoupil, L., Hawkes, EA., & Cheah CY

Ibrutinib for central nervous system lymphoma: the Australasian Lymphoma Alliance/MD Anderson Cancer Center experience

British Journal of Haematology  2021;192(6):1049-1053


Li,D., Martini,N., Liu,M., Falconer,JR., Locke,M., Wu,Z., & Wem,J

Non-ionic surfactant vesicles as a carrier system for dermal delivery of (+)-Catechin and their antioxidant effects

Journal of Drug Targeting  2021;29(3):310-322


Lim, Y., Coomarasamy, C., Arrol, S., Oyston, C., Okesene-Gafa, K., & McCowan LME

Pregnancy outcomes in women with booking HbA1c<=40 mmol/mol compared with 41-49 mmol/mol in South Auckland, New Zealand

Australian & New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology  2021;May 13


Locke,M., Wilton,S., Borowczyk,K., Stapelberg,F., Wong She,R

Comparison of predictive model of care requirements for burns patients with operative requirements following volcanic burns

Journal of Burn Care & Research  2021;Jan 31



Commentary on: Granzyme B is a biomarker for suspicion of malignant seromas around breast implants

Aesthetic Surgery  2021;Feb 6


Macfater,WS., Xia,W., Barazanchi,AWH., Lightfoot,N., Weston,M., Svirskis,D., & Hill,AG

Intravenous local anesthetic compared with intraperitoneal local anesthetic in laparascopic colectomy: A double-blind randomized controlled trial

Annals of Surgery  2021;Jan 15


McLean, R.M., Xie, Z., Nelson, V., Nosa, V., Thein, H., Po'e-Tofaeono, A., Walker, R., Wyeth, E.H

Experiences of New Zealand haemodialysis patients in relation to food and nutrition management: a qualitative study

Nutrients  2021;13(7):no pagination


MacMahon,D., Brabyn,C., Dalziel,SR., McKinaly,CJ., & Tan,E

Fever phobia in caregivers presenting to New Zealand emergency departments

Emergency Medicine Australasia  2021;June 17


McNaughton, H., Weatherall, M., McPherson, K., Fu, V., Taylor, W.J., McRae, A., Thomson, T., Gommans, J., Green, G., Harwood, M., Ranta, A., Hanger, C., & Riley, J

The effect of the Take Charge intervention on mood, motivation, activation and risk factor management: Analysis of secondary data from the Taking Charge after Stroke (TaCAS) trial

Clinical Rehabilitation  2021;35(7):1021-1031


Maltby,S., McDonald,VM., Upham,JW., Bowler,SD., Chung,LP., Denton,EJ., Garrett,J., Grainge,CL., Hew,M., James,AL., Jenkins,C., Katsoulotos,G., King,GG., Langton,D., Marks,GB., Menzie-Gow,A., Niven,RM., Peters,M., Reddel,HK., Thien,F., Thomas,PS., Wark,PAB., Yap,E., Gobson,PG., Severe Asthma Expert Forum contributors

Severe asthma assessment, management and the organisation of care in Australia and New Zealand: expert forum roundtable meetings

Internal Medicine Journal  2021;51(2):169-180


Manners,D., Dawkins,P., Pascoe,D., Crengle,S., Bartholomew,K., & Leong,TL

Lung cancer screening in Australia and New Zealand: the evidence and the challenge

Internal Medicine Journal  2021;51(3):436-441



Non-polyvinyl chloride peritoneal dialysis sets: A double-edged sword?

Peritoneal Dialysis International  2021;41(3):255-260


Marshall,MR., Polikinghorne,KR., Boudville,N., & McDonald,SP

Home versus facility dialysis and mortality in Australia and New Zealand

American Journal of Kidney Diseases  2021;no pagination



A systematic review of peritoneal dialysis-related peritonitis rates over time from national or regional population-based registries and databases

Peritoneal Dialysis International  2021;April 8


Martinez-Ruiz, A., Yates, S., Cheung, G., Dudley, M., Krishnamurthi, R., Fa'Alau, F., Roberts, M., Taufa, S., Fa'Alili-Fidow, J., Rivera-Rodriguez, C., Kautoke, S., Ma'U, E., Kerse, N., & Cullum, S

Living with Dementia in Aotearoa (LiDiA): a cross-sectional feasibility study protocol for a multiethnic dementia prevalence study in Aotearoa/New Zealand

BMJ Open  2021;11(5):no pagination


Mehta,S., Zhao,J., Poppe,K., Kerr,AJ., Wells,S., Exeter,DJ., Selak,V., Grey,C., & Jackson,R

Cardiovascular preventive pharmacotherapy stratified by predicted cardiovascular risk: a national data linkage study

European Journal of Preventive Cardiology  2021;Jan 18


Meyer,JA., Zhu,M., Cavadino,A., Coleman,B., Munro,JT., & Young,SW

Infection and periprosthetic fracture are the leading causes of failure after aseptic revision total  knee arthroplasty

Archives of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery  2021;Jan 30


Meyer,MP., & Nevill,E

The assisted breathing before cord clamping (ABC) study protocol

Children  2021;April 26


Minogue,F., Reilly,K., Walker,C., Malak,S., Mayo,A., & Heiss-Dunlop,W

A biomechanical comparison of locked unicortal with non-locking bicortical screws for metacarpal shaft fractures in a randomized human cadaveric model

The Journal of Hand Surgery Asian-Pacific Volume  2021;26(1):10-16


Misiloi,S.. Haydock,DA., Cranshaw,I., & Lauti,M

Surgical debulking of a large thoracoabdominal plexiform neuropfibroma with pericardial resection

ANZ Journal of Surgery 2021;June 21


Mohamed,F., Jeram,M., Coomarasamy,C., Lauti,M., Wilson,D., & MacCormick,AD

Does bariatric surgery improve faecal incontinence? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Obesity Surgery 2021;31(7):2942-2953


Muelbert, M., Alexander, T., Pook, C., Jiang, Y., Harding, JE., & Bloomfield, FH

Cortical oxygenation changes during gastric tube feeding in moderate – and late-preterm babies: a NIRS study

Nutrients 2021;13(2):Jan 25


Muelbert, M., Galante, L., Alexander, T., Harding, J.E., Pook, C., Bloomfield, F.H

Odor-active volatile compounds in preterm breastmilk

Pediatric Research 2021;no pagination


Mukerji,S., Tan,E., May,C., Micanovic,C., Blakemore,P., Phelps,K., Melville,H., & Jones,P

Retrospective validation of a risk stratification tool developed for the management of patients with blunt chest trauma (the STUMBL score)

Emergency Medicine Australasia  2021;Feb 17


Muniandy,A., Lee,M., Grey,C., Ferrier,K., & Kerr,AJ

Demographic differences in the initiation and maintenance of statins in the first year post ACS in New Zealand: a data linkage study (ANZACS-QI 57)

New Zealand Medical Journal  2021;134(1534):31-45


Murgier,J., Powell,A., Young,S., & Clatworthy,M

Effectiveness of thicker hamstring or patella tendon grafts to reduce graft failure rate in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in young patients

Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology  2021;29(3):725-731


Muthusamy,S., Garg,P., Chandra,RV., & Seneviratne,U

How common are seizures in the heidenhain variant of creutzfield-jakob disease? A case report and systematic review

Journal of Clinical Neuroscience  2021;no pagination


Naot,D., Bentley,J., Macpherson,C., Pitto,RP., Bava,U., Choi,AJ., Matthews,BG., Callon,KE., Go,R., Horne,A., Gamble,GD., Reid,IR., & Cornish,J

Molecular characterisation of osteoblasts form bone obtained from people of Polynesian and European ancestry undergoing joint replacement surgery

Scientific Reports  2021;11(1):2428


Ng,JK., Smyth,B., Marshall,MR., Kang,A., Pinter,J., Bassi,A., Krishnasamy,R., Rossignol,P., Rocco,MV., Li,Z., Jha,V., Hawley,CM., Kerr,PG., Di Tanna,GL., Woodward,M., Jardine,AM., RESOLVE Steering Committee

Relationship between measured and prescribed dialysate sodium in haemodialysis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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