CM Health Research & Staff Publications : 2014 - 2018

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Abbott,M., Hodgins,DC., Bellringer,M., Vandal,AC., Palmer Du Preez,K., Landon,J., Sullivan,S., Rodda,S., & Feigin,V


Brief telephone interventions for problem gambling: a randomized controlled trial


Addiction 2018;113(5):883-895






Retraction gonioscopy: a novel method in the diagnosis of cyclodialysis clefts


Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology 2018;Feb 14:Epubaheadofprint




Abdul-Rahman,A., House,P., & Richards,J


Intraocular lens dystrophic calcification after trans-scleral diode laser treatment for a cyclodialysis cleft


American Journal of Ophthalmology Case Reports 2018;11:78-83




Ahmed,J., Tutone,VK., & Hawkins,SP


Successful removal of stuck and infected haemodialysis catheter via endoluminal balloon dilatation after unsuccessful surgical cutdown


Heart Lung and Circulation 2018;27(2):165-174




Alexander,HC., Bartlett,AS., Wells,CI., Hannam,JA., Moore,MR., Poole,GH., & Merry,AF


Reporting of complications after laparoscopic cholecystectomy: a systematic review


HPB 2018;no pagination




Alexander,T., & Bloomfield,FH


Nutritional management of moderate-late preterm infants: Survey of current practice


Journal of Paediatrics & Child Health 2018;Aug 27




Arundell,L., Sudholz,B., Teychenne,M., Salmon,J., Hayward,B., Healy,GN., & Timperio,A


The impact of activity based working (ABW) on workplace activity, eating behaviours, productivity , and satisfaction


International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2018;15(5):no pagination




Babl,FE., Lyttle,MD., Bressan,S., Borland,ML., Phillips,N., Kopchar,A., Dalton,S., Cheek,JA., Gilhotra,Y., Furyk,J., Neutze,J., Donath,S., Hearps,S., Arpone,M., Crowe,L., Dalziel,SR., Barker,R., & Oakley,E


Penetrating head injuries in children presenting to the emergency department in Australia and New Zealand" A PREDICT prospective study


Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 2018;no pagination




Babl,FE., Oakley,E., Dalziel,SR., Borland,ML., Phillips,N., Kochlar,A., Dalton,S., Cheek,JA., Gilhotra,Y., Furyk,J., Neutze,J., Donath,S., Hearps,S., Crowe,LM., Arpone,M., Bressan,S., & Lyttle,MD


Accuracy of NEXUS II head injury decision rule in children: A prospective PREDICT cohort study


Emergency Medicine Journal 2018;no pagination




Babl,FE., Oakley,E., Dalziel,SR., Oakley,E., Anderson,V., Borland,ML., Phillips,N., Kochar,A., Dalton,S., Cheek,JA., Gilhotra,Y., Furyk,J., Neutze,J., Lyttle,MD., Bressan,S., Donath,S., Hearps,SJC., & Crowe,L


Paediatric intentional head injuries in the emergency department: A multi-centre prospective cohort study


EMA - Emergency Medicine Australasia 2018;no pagination




Babl,FE., Pfeiffer,H., Dalziel,SR., Borland,ML., Phillips,N., Kochar,A., Dalton,S., Cheek,JA., Gilhotra,Y., FurykJ., Neutze,J., Donath,S., Hearps,S., Molesworth,C., Crowe,L., Bressan,S., & Lyttle,MD


Accuracy of clinician practice compared with three head injury decision rules in children: A prospective cohort study


Annals of Emergency Medicine  2018;no pagination




Bajaj,M., Yuan,L., Holmes,LC., Rice,M., & Zargar-Shoshtari,K


Predictors of surgical intervention following initial surveillance for acute ureteric colic


World Journal of Urology 2018;May 29




Barazanchi,AWH., MacFater,WS., Rahiri,JL., Tutone,S., Hill,AG., Joshi,GP., Kehlet,H., Schug,S., Van de Veide,M., Vercauteren,M., Lirk,P., Rawal,N., Bonnet,F., Lavand'homme,P., Beloeil,H., Raeder,J., & Pogatzi-Zahn,E


Evidence-based management of pain after laparoscopic cholecystectomy: a PROSPECT review update


British Journal of Anaesthesia 2018;no pagination




Barr,PR., Harrison,W., Smyth,D., Flynn,C., Lee,M., & Kerr,AJ


Myocardial infarction without obstructive coronary artery disease is not a benign condition (ANZACS-QI 10)


Heart Lung and Circulation 2018;27(2):165-174




Barson,S., Gauld,R., Gray,J., Henriks,G., Krause,C., Lachman,P., Maher,L., Massoud,MR., Mathias,L., & Villa,L


What initiatives do healthcare leaders agree are needed for healthcare system improvement? Results of a modified-Delphi study


Journal of Health Organization and Management 2018;32(8):1002-1012




Bartley,J., Garrett,J., Camargo,CA Jr., Scragg,R., Vandal,A., Sisk,R., Milne,D., Tai,R., Jeon,G., Cursons,R., & Wong,C


Vitamin D3 supplementation in adults with bronchiectasis: A pilot study


Chronic Respiratory Disease 2018;Jan 01:Epubaheadofprint




Bateman,M., Hapuarachchi,K., Pinto,C., & Doyle,AJ


Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH): Increased prevalence in Pacific Islanders


Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology 2018;62(2):188-193




Battin,MR., & McKinlay,CJD


How do neonatal units within the Australian and New Zealand Neonatal Network manage ex-preterm infants with severe chronic lung disease still requiring major respiratory support at term?


Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 2018;no pagination




Beasley, M., Hood,D., Anderson,P., Reeve,J., & SlaughterRJ


Poisoning due to tutin in honey - a report of an outbreak in New Zealand


New Zealand Medical Journal 2018;131(1473):59-71




Beck,KL., Houston,ZL., McNaughton,SA., & Kruger,R


Development and evaluation of a food frequency questionnaire to assess nutrient intakes of adult women in New Zealand


Nutritian & Dietetics 2018;Sept 14




Beckert,L., & Jones,S


E-cigarettes-peering into the mist of uncertainty


New Zealand Medical Journal 2018;131(1470):8-10




Bergin, PS., Brockington,A., Jayabal,J., Scott,S., Litchfield,R., Roberts,L., Timog,J., Beilharz,E., Dalziel,SR., Jones,P., Yates,K., Thornton,V., Walker,EB., Ao,BT., Parmar,P., Beghi,E., Rossetti,AO., & Feigin,V


EpiNet study on incidence of status epilepticus in Auckland, New Zealand: Methods and preliminary results


Epilepsia 2018;59(Supplement 2):144-149




Bhusal,P., Rahiri,JL., Sua,B., McDonald,JE., Bansal,M., Hanning,S., Sharma,M., Chandramouli,K., Harrison,J., Proctor,G., Andrews,G., Jones,DS., Hill,AG., & Svirskis,D


Comparing human peritoneal fluid and phosphate-buffered saline for drug delivery: do we need bio-relevant media?


Drug Delivery and Translational Research 2018;8(3):708-718




Bishop,D., Patel,D., & Heath,A


A New Zealand case of nasal myiasis involving Lucilla cuprina (Diptera:Calliphridae)


The New Zealand Medical Journal 2018;131(1484):68-70




Blackall,SR., Hong,JB., King,P., Wong,C., Einsiedel,L., Remond,MGW., Woods,C., & Maguire,GP


Bronchiectasis in indigenous and non-indigenous residents of Australia and New Zealand


Respirology  2018;Mar 4:Epubaheadofprint




Blakiston,M., Chiu,W., Wong,C., Morpeth,S., & Taylor,S


Diagnostic performance of pleural fluid adenosine deaminase for tuberculous pleural effusion in a low-incidence setting


Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2018;56(8):e00258-18




Bloomfield,FH., Harding,JE., Meyer,MP., Alsweiler,JM., Jiang,Y., Wall,CR., Alexander,T., Asadi,S., Beker,F., Cameron-Smith,D., Chong,CYL., Crowther,CA., Galante,L., Milan,A., Muelbert,M., O'Sullivan,JM., van den Boom,JM


The DIAMOND trial - Different Approaches to MOderate & late preterm Nutrition: Determinants of feed tolerance , body composition and development: Protocol of a randomised trial


BMC Pediatrics  2018;18(1):no pagination




Bond,KRL., Horsley,CAE., & Williams,AB


Non-invasive ventilation use in status asthmaticus: 16 years of experience in a tertiary intensive care


Emergency Medicine Australasia 2018;30(2):187-192




Boudville,N., Cho,Y., Equinox,KL., Figueirdo,AE., Hawley,CM., Howard,K., Johnson,DW., Jose,M., Lee,A., Maley,MA., Moodie,JA., Pascoe,EM., Steiner,GZ., Tomlins,M., Voss,D., Chow,J


Teaching peritoneal dialysis in Australia: An opportunity for improvement


Nephrology 2018;23(3):259-263




Bowden,L., Reed,K., & Nicholson,E


The contribution of occupation to children's experience of resilience: A qualitative descriptive study


Australian Occupational Therapy Journal 2018;March 25:Epubaheadofprint




Bradford,BF., Thompson,JMD., Heazell,AEP., Maccowan,LME., & McKinlay,CJD


Understanding the associations and significance of fetal movements in overweight or obese pregnant women: a systematic review


Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica 2018;97(1):13-24




Brian,T., Cheng,PT., & Loo,SS


Audit of 117 otoplasties for prominent ear by one surgeon using a cartilage-cutting procedure


ANZ Journal of Surgery 2018;Feb 7:Epubaheadofprint




Broadbent,E., Garrett,J., Jepsen,N., Li Ogilvie,V., Ahn,HS., Robinson,H., Peri,K., Kerse,N., Rouse,P., Pillai,A., & MacDonald,B


Using robots at home to support patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Pilot randomized controlled trial


Journal of Medical Internet Research 2018;20(2):e45




Burton,D., King,A., Bartley,J., Petrie,K., & Broadbent,E


The surgical anxiety questionnnaire 9saq): Development and validation


Psychology & Health 2018;no pagination




Cartwright,RD., Harding,JE., Crowther,CA., Cutfeld,WS., Battin,MR., Dalziel,SR., & McKinlay,CJD


Repeat antenatal betamethasone and cardiometabolic  outcomes


Pediatrics 2018;142(1):e20180522




Chan,JE., Samaranayaka,A., & Paterson,H


Seasonal and gestational variation in perinatal depression in a prospective cohort in New Zealand


Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2018;no pagination




Chan,S.,Denny,S., Fleming,T., Fortune,S., Peiris-John,R., & Dyson,B


Exposure to suicide behaviour and individual risk of self-harm: Findings form a nationally representative New Zealand high school survey


Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 2018;52(4):349-356




Chan,WC., Papaconstantinou,D., Lee,M., Telfer,K., Jo,E., Drury,PL., & Tobias,M


Can administrative health utilisation data provide an accurate diabetes prevalence estimate for a geographical region?


Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 2018;139:59-71




Chen,BS., Wong,SHC., Hawkins,S., & Huggins,L


Permanent peritoneal ports for the management of recurrent and malignant ascites: a retrospective review of safety and efficacy


Internal Medicine Journal 2018;48(12):1524-1528




Chin,SJ., Moore,GA., Zhang,M., Clarke,HD., Spangehi,MJ., & Young,SW


The AAHKS clinical research award: Intraosseous regional prophylaxis provides higher tissue concentrations in high BMI patients in Total Knee Arthroplasty: A randomized trial


Journal of Arthroplasty 2018;33(7 Supplement):s13-18




Clatworthy,M., Sauer,S., & Roberts,T


Transportal central femoral tunnel placement has a significantly higher revision rate than transtibial AM femoral tunnel placement in hamstring ACL reconstruction


Sports, Traumatology, Arthroscopy: Official Journal of the ESSKA 2018;July 12




Collocott,SJ., Kelly,E., & Ellis,RF


Optimal early active mobilisation protocol after extensor tendon repairs in zones V and VI: A systematic review of literature


Hand Therapy 2018;23(1):3-18




Collins,H., Lee,KM., Cheng,PT., & Hulme,S


Soft tissue infections from fish spike wounds: normal commensal bacteria are more common than marine pathogens


ANZ Journal of Surgery 2018;88(1-2):E40-44




Crowe,LM., Hearps,S., Anderson,V., Borland,ML., Phillips,N., Kochar,A., Dalton,S., Cheek,JA., Gihotra,Y., Furyk,J., Neutze,J., Lyttle,MD., Bressan,S., Donath,S., Molesworth,C., Oakley,E., Dalziel,SR., & Babl,FE


Investigating the variability in Mid Traumatic Brain Injury Definitions: A prospective cohort study


Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2018;99(7):1360-1369




Culliney,K., McCowan,LME., Okesene-Gafa,K., Murphy,R., Rowan,J., Taylor,RS., & Mckinlay,CJD; HUMBA Study Group


Accuracy of point-of-care HbA1c testing in pregnant women


NZ Journal of Obstetric and Gynaecology 2018;Feb 22:Epubaheadofprint




Cullum,S., Mullin,K., Zeng,I., Yates,S., Payman,V., Fisher,M., & Cheung,G


Do community-dwelling Maori and Pacific peoples present with dementia at a younger age and at a later stage compared with NZ Europeans?


International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 2018;33(8):1098-1104




Dalbeth,N., Dowell,T., Gerard,C., Gow,P., Jackson,G., Shuker,C., & Te Karu,L


Gout in Aotearoa New Zealand: the equity crisis continues in plain sight


The New Zealand Medical Journal 2018;131(1485):8-12




Dalziel,K., Cheek,JA., Fanning,L., Borland,ML., Phillips,N., Kochar,A., Dalton,S., Furyk,J., Neutze,J., Dalziel,SR., Lyttle,MD., Bressan,S., Donath,S., Molesworth,C., Hearps,SJC., Oakley,E., Babl,FE., & Pediatric Research in Emergency Departments International Collaborative (PREDICT)


A cost-effectiveness analysis comparing clinical decision rules PECARN, CATCH, and CHALICE with usual care for the management of of pediatric head injury


Annals of Emergency Medicine 2018;14 November




Davis,N., MacCormick,AD., & Caldwell,S


Unusual presentation of long-lost inferior vena cava filter


Journal of Surgery 2018;88(3):238-239




Davison,L., Amer,H., Krishnan,J., Seale,E., Young,K., & Romans,S


Trainee welfare: a New Zealand perspective


Australasian Psychiatry 2018;31 October




Denny,S., Howie,H., Grant,S., Galbreath,R., Utter,J., Fleming,T., & Clark,T


Characteristics of school-based health services associated with students' mental health


Journal of Health Services Research and Policy 2018;23(1):7-14




Dickinson,LJ., Nimmo,M., Morton,RP., & Purdy,SC


Asymptomatic South Auckland preschool children have significant hearing loss and middle ear disease


International Journal of Paediatric Otorhinolaryngology 2018;1141:106-110




Dissanayake,AM., Wheldon,MC., & Hood,CJ


Pharmacokinetics of metformin in patients with chronic kidney disease stage 4 and metformin-naive type 2 diabetes


Pharmacology Research and Perspectives 2018;6(5):no pagination




Dkhar,LK., Bartley,J., White,D., & Seyfoddin,A


Intranasal drug delivery devices and interventions associated with post-operative endoscopic sinus surgery


Pharmaceutical Development and Technology 2018;23(3):282-294




Doolan-Noble,F., Barson,S., Lyndon,M., Cullinane,F., Gray,J., Stokes,T., & Gauld,R


Establishing gold standards for system-level measures: a modified Delphi consensus process


International Journal for Quality in Health Care: Journal of the International Society for Quality in Health Care 2018;June 08




Earle,NJ., Poppe,KK., Doughty,RN., Rolleston,A., Kerr,AJ., & Legget,ME


Clinical characteristics and burden of risk factors among patients with early onset acute coronary syndromes: The ANZACS-QI New Zealand National Cohort (ANZACS-QI 17)


Heart, Lung & Circulation 2018;27(5):568-575




Ejmal,MA., Holland,DJ., Macdiarmid,RM., & Pearson,MN


The effect of aspergillus thermomutatus chrysovitus 1 on the biology of three aspergillus species


Viruses 2018;10(10):1-21




Essali,A., Soares-Weiser,K., Bergman,H., & Adams,CE


Calcium channel blockers for antipsychotic-induced tardive dyskinesia


The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2018;26(3):CD000206






Managing the chaos: A night in the life of an Associate Charge Midwife Manager, Birthing and Assessment Unit, Middlemore Hospital


Midwifery News 2018;Sept(90):32-33




Feo,R., Conroy,T., Jangland,E., Muntlin,AA., Brovall,M., Parr,J., Blomberg,K., & Kitson,A


Towards a standardised definition for fundamental care: A modified Delphi study


Journal of Clinical Nursing 2018;27(11-12):2285-2299




Franklin,D., Babl,FE., Schlapbach,LJ., Oakley,E., Craig,S., Neutze,J., Furyk,J., Fraser,JF., Jones,M., Whitty,JA., Dalziel,SR., & Schibler,A


A randomized trial of high-flow oxygen therapy in infants with bronchiolitis


New England Journal of Medicine 2018;378(12):1121-1131




Frecklington,M., Dalbeth,N., McNair,P., Gow,P., Williams,A., Carroll,M., & Rome,K


Footwear interventions for foot pain, function, impairment and disability for people with foot and ankle arthritis: A literature review


Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism 2018;47(6):814-824




Goh,TL., Carpenter,L., & Ly,E


Lysozyme nephropathy in haematologically stable chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia


Nephrology 2018;23(4):377




Good,WR., Christensen,PM., Herath,S., Dawkins,P., & Yap,E


Radial-probe endobronchial ultrasound outcomes in the investigation of peripheral pulmonary lesions - a New Zealand perspective


Internal Medical Journal 2018;Aug 8




Grainger,BT., Issa,S., & Anderson,NE


Primary idiopathic CNS non-amyloidogenic light chain deposition disease complicated by treatment-resistant focal seizure disorder


Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 2018;no pagination




Grey,C., Jackson,R., Wells,S., Wu,B., Poppe,K., Harwood,M., Sundborn,G., & Kerr,AJ


Trends in ischaemic heart disease: patterns of hospitalisation and mortality rates differ by ethnicity (ANZACS-QI 21)


The New Zealand Medical Journal 2018;131(1478):21-31




Grey,C., Jackson,R., Wells,S., Wu,B., Poppe,K., White,H., Cheuk Chan,W., & Kerr,AJ


First and recurrent ischaemic heart disease events continue to decline in New Zealand, 2005-2015


Heart 2018;104(1):51-57




Grinlinton,M., Sohn,S., Hill,A., Zeng,I., & Wagener,J


Clinical characteristics affecting length of stay in patients with cellulitis


ANZ Journal of Surgery 2018;Feb 7:Epubaheadofprint




Gutman,T., Lopez-Vargas,P., Manera,KE., Craig,JC., Howell,M., Tunnicliffe.D., James.LJ., NacGinley,R., See,E., Wong,J., Voss,D., Saunders,J., Menahem,S., Jesudason,S., Tong,A., Champion de Crespigny,P


Identifying and integrating patient and caregiver perspectives in clinical practice guidelines for percutaneous renal biopsy


Nephrology 2018;May 23:Epubaheadofprint




Hanna,MZ., Kalev-Zylinska,ML., Jackson,SR., Royle,G., & Blacklock,HA


Distinctive features of polycythemia vera in New Zealand Polynesians


New Zealand Medical Journal 2018;131(1482):38-45




Herath,S., & Yap,E


Novel hybrid cryo-radial method: An emerging alternative to CT-guided biopsy in suspected lung cancer. A prospective case series and description of technique


Respirology Case Reports  2018;6(2):no pagination




Hiles,SA., Harvey,ES., McDonald,VM., Peters,M., Bardin,P., Reynolds,PN., Upham,JW., Baraket,M., Bhikoo,Z., Bowden,J., Brockway,B., Chung,LP.,Cochrane,B., Foxley,G., Garret,J.,Hew,M., Jayaram,L., Jenkins,C., Katelaris,C., Katsoulotos,G., Koh,MS., Kritikos,V., Lambert,M., Langton,D., Lara Rivero,A., Marks,GB., Middleton,PG., Nanguzgambo,A., Radhakrishna,N., Reddel,H., Rimmer,J., Southcott,AM., Sutherland,M., Thein,F., Wark,PAB., Yang,IA., Yap,E., & Gibson,PG


Working while unwell: Workplace impairment in people with severe asthma


Clinical & Experimental Allergy 2018;48(6):650-662






Is modern perioperative care too complicated for surgeons?


ANZ Journal of Surgery 2018;88(10):951-952




Hopkins,C., Reid,M., Gilmour,J., Werder,S., & Briggs,S


Missed opportunites for earlier diagnosis of Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection among adults presenting to Auckland District Health Board hospital services


Internal Medicine Journal 2018;Aug 8




Ingram,MA., Jones,MB., Stonehouse,W., Jarrett,P., Scragg,R., Mulridge,O., & von Hurst,PR


Oral vitamin D3 supplementation for chronic plaque psoriasis: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial


The Journal of Dermatological Treatment 2018;Mar 22:1-10




Jarrett,P., Camargo,CA Jr., Coomarasamy,C., & Scragg,R


A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of the effect of monthly vitamin D supplementation in mild psoriasis


The Journal of Dermatological Treatment 2018;29(4):324-328




Jepsen,N., Charania,N., & Mooney,S


Health care experiences of mothers of children with bronchiectasis in Counties Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand


BMC Health Services 2018;18(1):no pagination




Karatela,S., Ward,NI., Zeng,IS., & Paterson,J


Status and interrelationship of toenail elements in Pacific children


Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology 2018;46:10-16




Kasza,J., Polkinghorne,KR.,Wolfe,R., McDonald,SP., & Marshall,MR


Comparing dialysis centre mortality outcomes across Australia and New Zealand: identifying unusually performing centres 2008-2013


BMC health services research 2018;18(1):1007




Kersten,P., Vandal,AC., Elder,H., & McPherson,KM


Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire: internal validity and reliability for New Zealand preschoolers


BMJ Open 2018;8(4):e021551




Koziol-McLain,J., Vandal,AC., Wilson,D., Nada-Raja,S., Dobbs,T., Mclean,C., Sisk,R., Eden,KB & Glass,NE


Efficacy of a web-based safety decision aid for women experiencing intimate partner violence: Randomized controlled trial


Journal of Medical Internet Research 2018;19(12):e426




Krishna,S., Bae,B., Coomarasamy,C., Stapelberg,F., & Morton,R


The impact of introducing handovers on afterhours patient transfers in an elective surgery centre


Ambulatory Surgery 2018;24(3):66-70




Lam,CSP., Gamble,GD., Ling,LH., Sim,D., Leong,KTG., Yeo,PSD., ONg,HY., Jaufeerally,F., Ng,TP., Cameron,VA., Poppe,K., Lund,M., Devlin,G., Traoughton,R., Richards,AM., & Doughty,RN


Mortality associated with heart failure with preserved vs. reduced ejection in a prospective international multi-ethnic cohort study


European Heart Journal 2018;Jan 29:epubaheadofprint




Lam,L., Ha,L., Chiu,W


Persistent increase in alkaline phosphatase


Clinical Chemistry 2018;64(2):415-416




Lauti,M., Kularatna,M., Pillai,A., Hill,AG., & MacCormick,AD


A randomised trial of text message support for reducing weight regain following sleeve gastrectomy


Obesity Surgery 2018;March 2:epubaheadofprint




Lawrence,B., Blenkiron,C., Parker,K., Tsai,P., Fitzgerald,S., Sheilds,P., Robb,T., Yeong,ML., Kramer,N., James,S., Black,M., Fan,V., Poonawala,N., Yap,P., Coats,E., Woodhouse,B., Ramsaroop,R., Yozu,M., Robinson,B., Henare,K., Koea,J., Johnston,P., Carroll,R., Connor,S., Morrin,H., Elston,M., Jackson,C., Reid,P., Windsor,J., MacCormick,A., Babor,R., Bartlett,A., Damianovich,D., Knowlton,N., Grimmond,S., Findlay,M., & Print,C


Recurrent loss of heterozygosity correlates with clinical outcome in pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer


Genomic Medicine 2018;3(1):no pagination




Lennox,L., Maher,L., & Reed,J


Navigating the sustainability landscape: a systematic review of sustainability approaches in healthcare


Implementation Science 2018;13(1):27




Lewis,GN., & Upsdell,A


Ethic disparities in attendance at New Zealand's chronic pain services


New Zealand Medical Journal 2018;131(1472):21-28






Healing the heart of recovery


The International Journal of Social Psychiatry 2018;64(7):660-667




Locke,MB., Malins,WLE., Le See,J., & Kenealy,J


Limiting complication rates in implant-based breast reconstruction


New Zealand Medical Journal 2018;131(1470):29-36




Looi,J-L., Lee,M., Grey,C., Webster,M., To,A., & Kerr,AJ


Postdischarge outcome after Takotsubo syndrome compared with patients post-ACS and those without prior CVD: ANZACS-Qi 19


Open Heart 2018;5(2):no pagination




Looi,J-L., Lee,M., Grey,C., Webster,M., To,A., & Kerr,AJ


Seasonal variation in Takotsubo syndrome compared with myocardial infarction


New Zealand Medical Journal 2018;131(1471):21-29




Lyons,O., Su'a,B., Locke,M., & Hill,A


A systematic review of leadership training for medical students


New Zealand Medical Journal 2018;131(1468):75-84




McAuliffe.GN., Taylor,SL., Drinkovic,D., Roberts,SA., Wilson,EM., & Best,EJ


Rotovirus infection in the Auckland region after the implementation of universal infant rotavirus vaccination: Impact on hospitalizations and laboratory implications


Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 2018;37(1):e1-5




McAuliffe,GN., Taylor,SL., Moore,S., Hewitt,J., Upton,A., Howe,AS., & Best,EJ


Suboptimal performance of rotavirus testing in a vaccinated community population should prompt laboratories to review their rotavirus testing algarithms in response to changes in disease prevalence


Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 2018;no pagination




McInnes,JA., Cleland,H., Tracy,LM., Darton,A., Wood,FM., Perrett,T., & Gabbe,BJ


Epidemiology of work-related burn injuries presenting to burn centres in Australia and New Zealand


Burns 2018;no pagination




McIntosh,C., Trenholme,A., Stewart,J., & Vogel,A


Evaluation of a sudden unexpected death in infancy intervention programme aimed at improving parental awareness of risk factors and protective infant care practices


Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 2018;54(4):377-382




McKenzie,L., Webber,J., Aickin,R., Considine,J., Lawson,A., Mildenhall,L., Nation,K., Nicholson,T., Nuthall,G., Scott,T., & Stuart,M


Twenty-one years of saving lives: The New Zealand Resuscitation Council


New Zealand Medical Journal 2018;131(1477):9-11




McLaughlin,SJP., Kenealy,J., & Locke,MB


Effect of a See and Treat clinic on skin cancer treatment time


ANZ Journal of Surgery 2018;88(5):474-479




Manns,B., Agar,JWM., Biyani,M., Blake,PG., Cass,A., Culleton,B., Kleophas,W., Komenda.P., Lobbedez,T., MacRae,J., Marshall,MR., Scott-Douglas,N., Srivastava,V., & Magner,P


Can economic incentives increase the use of home dialysis?


Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation 2018;July 13: no pagination




Manzoni,P., Garcia Sanchez,R., Meyer,M., Stolfi,I., Pugni,L., Messner,H., Cattani,S., Betta,PM., Memo,L., Decembrino,L., Bollani,L., Rinaldi,M., Fioretti,M., Quercia,M., Maule,M, Tavella,E., Mussa,A., Tzialla,C., Laforgia,N., Mosca,F., Magaldi,R., Mostert,M., Farina,D; Italian Task Force for the Study, and Prevention of Neonatal Fungal Infections and the Italian Society of Neonatology


Exposure to gastric acid inhibitors increases the risk of infection in preterm very low birth weigh infants but concomitant administration of lactoferrin counteracts this effect


The Journal of Pediatrics 2018;193:62-67






Intensive hemodialysis - keeping the faith


Kidney International 2018;93(1):10-12




Mascarenhas,J., Virtgaym,E., Stal,M., Blacklock,H., Gerds,AT., Mesa,R., Ganly,P., Snyder,D., Tabbara,I., Tremblay,D., & Moshier,E


Outcomes of patients with myelofibrosis treated with compassionate use pacritnib: a sponsor-independent international study


Annals of Hematology 2018;April 3:Epubaheadofprint




Mathur,A., Jarrett,P., Broadbent,E., & Petrie,KJ


Open-label placebos for wound healing: A randomized controlled trial


Annals of Hematology 2018;April 3:Epubaheadofprint




Mazahery,H., von Hurst,PR., McKinlay,CJD., Cormack,BE., & Conlon,CA


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