Welcome to the CM Health Library core organisational capabilities and development page.  We have worked closely with our colleagues at HR to curate these resources to support your professional journey.

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Generic Resources


Learning Opportunities at Counties Manukau Health

Ko Awatea Learn
Ko Awatea LEARN is an interprofessional educational community that gives healthcare professionals the skills they need to become change agents in health care improvement.

"We’re talking about skills like quality improvement, patient safety, communication, leadership, and patient-centered care. Leaders are looking for these skills, and patients expect providers to have them" 

Nursing Virtual Reference & Professional Development Library
Evidence-based practice sheets, quick lessons, instructional training videos, nursing study path resources, research tools, etexts and journals.



Open Learning Opportunities - courses, webinars, MOOCS, and free learning portals

Health Navigator - Continuing Professional Development
Excellent collection of free online courses from a wide range of organisations to support health professionals in their professional development available from Health Navigator. 

LearnOnline [Ministry of Health eLearning hub]
LearnOnline.Health.nz is a vocational training resource hub for New Zealand’s community of health practitioners, providing a collaborative approach to educational resources for the health sector. There are a growing number of courses available provided by different organisations for health workers either studying or working in different fields of practice. 

Auckland Libraries LinkedIn training platform (Lynda.com)
Auckland libraries membership now gives you free online unlimited access to video courses and tutorials from industry experts provided through LinkedIns online training platform lynda.com. Over 5,800 courses and 256,000 tutorials on everything from business and management to IT and creative design. Lynda.com Includes courses and online self learning resources in the following identified topic areas:
Communication ; Management ; Leadership ; Time Management.  Access these courses via
the Lynda.com login screen by entering your Auckland Libraries Library Card Number and PIN . Click here for information on how to join Auckland Libraries.



Links Medicus
Curated collections of good quality free, medical education resources browsable by both thematic area and clinical specialties.  Includes open access and free online courses and videos

Stanford Centre for Professional Development
View online, without charge, webinars, seminars, and lectures presented by Stanford faculty, industry experts, and senior researchers. Includes an excellent series on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Designing E-learning for Health
Design effective e-learning that tells powerful, real-life stories, in health and other sectors, with this free online course. Developed and facilitated by the University of Nottingham. 

School for Health and Care Radicals
Brought to you by NHS Improving Quality, the School is entirely online, free, backed by the world’s largest health organisation: the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), and is a platform for radicals to learn together, using powerful, guided learning which also qualifies for Continuing Professional Development points.

Ted.Ed : Lessons Worth Sharing - Health
Videos and support materials on health topics of interest from the people behind Ted Talks.

What is evidence-based public health?
The process of distilling and disseminating the best available evidence from research, context and experience, and using that evidence to inform and improve public health practice and policy.  NCCMT’s online learning opportunities are designed to support our seven-step process of Evidence-Informed Public Health 

What works
NZ site aims to help people gather robust data and information to tell a real story about what they are doing and the difference it makes.  If you need to reflect on your work, demonstrate its effectiveness and keep improving your practice, this site is for you. 


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for health care professionals [list]

Free courses from some of the worlds leading academic and healthcare institutions with video lectures, materials, and examinations. Anyone can access.

Future Learn
Offers a diverse selection of courses (mostly free) from leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world. These are delivered one step at a time, and are accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop, so you can fit learning around your life. Includes courses on health and psychology as well as business and management.

Selected  MOOCs

Open University [UK]

Health sciences
Leadership and management
Public health
Social care

Edx [MIT, Harvard, Stanford etc]

Business & Management
Health & Safety

*access courses above using Firefox web browser




Core Organisational Capabilities

Strategic - Setting Direction


Shared Purpose

Health equity clearinghouse

Library Reading List: Organisational transformation

Library Guide: Evidence Informed Decision Making

Promising Care : How We Can Rescue Health Care by Improving It


Change and Responsiveness


Fast Facts for the Clinical Nurse Manager, Second Edition : Managing a Changing Workplace

HBR's 10 Must Reads : On Change Management

Prosci's Change Management Webinars
An excellent, free resource for staying up to date with Best Practices and learning from change practitioners in other organisations.

Risky Business
Exceptional talks sharing ideas on risk, culture, human performance, teams and leaders.


Library Reading List: Improvement, Lean, Six Sigma, and Design

Innovation and Improvement clearinghouse


see also McGraw-Hill Access Medicine's 'Healthcare Systems : Quality, Safety, Policy and Ethics' collection



Courses and resources

Improving Together  - HQSC / Ko Awatea
Improving Together is a national learning programme that focusses on quality improvement for people delivering education, social services and health services. You can find out how improvement methodologies accelerate learning and innovation, and how it can be applied to improve the quality of social service delivery in New Zealand.

LEAN Thinking in a Health Setting [Ministry of Health]
This course introduces the LEAN methodology and a number of associated tools to implement the methodology in your work environment.

Improvement Science Learning Centre
Developed by Brandon Bennett this curated collection of resources includes eLearning Modules, Videos, and a range of tools, guides and frameworks.

Introduction to the Model for Improvement [short video]
The Model for Improvement can assist in implementing changes based on quality improvement.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement  - WIHI
A free "talk show" programme from IHI designed to help dedicated legions of health care improvers worldwide keep up with some of the freshest and most robust thinking and strategies for improving patient care.

IHI Open School Video Library (videos)
The growing library of freely available IHI Open School videos is one way to learn from health care leaders and experts from around the world as they share bite-sized pearls of knowledge and advice. In the newly reorganized IHI Open School Video Library, browse by topics such as improvement capability; patient safety; person - and family-centered care; Triple Aim for populations; quality, cost, and value; and leadership.

Implementation Science Resource Directory
With an increasing focus by health services, government and funding bodies on implementing evidence into practice and policy, Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH) has developed a free online directory of implementation science tools and resources for students, clinicians and researchers to make it easier to find resources that support efforts to improve routine practice and care.  
The new MACH Implementation Science Resource Directory conveniently brings together diverse digital tools and resources into a central location to support health implementation efforts by beginners and experts.

Institute of Design at Stanford
A range of free resources, and learning experiences to develop design thinking. Includes a virtual "90 minute crash course in design thinking"

Leading Health Systems (LHSN) Webinar Series
LHSN is a collaborative network of healthcare leaders and organisations dedicated to improving health care delivery by effectively and efficiently using available resources.

Health Improvement Scotland QI Global Webex series 

EdX courses on improvement, design, and informatics
EdX is a reputable online professional course provider delivering accredited courses (many free).  It is a partnership between leading academic providers incl. Harvard, MIT and Berkeley

Creative Approaches to Problem Solving: Methods Toolkit - Q Improvement
A fabulous free toolkit of 25 methods for creative problem solving. There are many of Helen Bevan's favourite tools here, all well explained & organised by objectives


Interpersonal - Engaging People



Cultural Capability

Library Reading List: Treaty of Waitangi

Library Reading List: Cultural competencies and cultural safety

Cultural Competence: SMS Toolkit [Health Navigator]

Building cultural capability for Pae Ora (CM Health Resource via Paanui)
As part of our work to build cultural capability, to help employees engage with Maaori, and to meet our obligations under the Public Service Act 2020, we are launching a new Paanui page: Building Cultural Capability for Pae Ora. This new page is designed to equip you with tools, knowledge and information to help strengthen your cultural competency. There are a range of resources, including eLearning, articles to read, and videos to watch.


Caring for Patients from Different Cultures

Cross-cultural care and communication

Delivering Culturally Competent Nursing Care

Diversity and Cultural Competence in Health Care : A Systems Approach

Health and wellbeing for Māori 

Imagining Decolonisation and Why Its Good for Everyone  - with Tina Ngata [podcast]

Lessons from a Recovering Racist / Andrew Judd

Check your Pākehā Privilege
A space to share resources that help Pākehā understand how colonisation impacts Aoteroa, do antiracism work, reflect on our privileges, and uphold our responsibilities to Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Institutional racism - our duty of care to patients (2020)

Racism and White Defensiveness in Aotearoa: A Pākehā Perspective (2018)

Māori health: 'We have to be talking about racism' (2018)

Creating an Indigenous Māori‐centred model of relational health: A literature review of Māori models of health

Pacific Cultural Toolkit
This website is designed to provide you with insights into Pasifika cultural practices and worldviews on health and wellbeing of Pacific communities within Aotearoa New Zealand. We have provided overview of key principles that guide Pacific mental health professionals and helpful tools and resources to give you a better understanding of Pacific mental health and wellbeing.

Guidelines for working with Asian patients and their families
Information and guidance for clinicians to increase cultural awareness, sensitivity, knowledge and skills when working with Asian patients and their families.



Building Cultural Capability (Ko Awatea LEARN)
These resources have been carefully selected to support you in your journey towards building cultural safety to achieve Pae Ora. (Healthy futures) Throughout the topics, we have shared videos, journal articles, opinion pieces, podcasts and TV series that we think are great resources that support this kaupapa.

Engaging Effectively With Maaori (Ko Awatea LEARN)
These modules will provide you with a basic understanding of Maaori history, culture, values and health status


CALD Cultural Competency Courses and Resources

CALD Courses and Resources are produced and managed by Asian Health Support Services, Waitemata DHB.

CALD stands for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse groups.

CALD course provides insight and understanding to how different cultures respond and gives participants the skills to care for CALD clients with confidence and sensitivity. CALD resources contains a range of information about culture-specific migrant and refugee services, health information in multiple languages, cross cultural toolkits, publications and information for health practitioners working in Auckland's primary and secondary care service.

Working with Māori
Working with Māori is a series of interactive cultural competency e-learning tools aimed to increase the cultural competency of the health workforce. The purpose of these tools is to assist workers to increase their understanding of working effectively with Māori tāngata whai ora and whānau to improve health outcomes. 

The Cultural Competency was developed specifically for the registered New Zealand health workforce and provides a basic understanding of cultural competency & health literacy in the New Zealand Health context.

The Treaty of Waitangi established a Crown obligation to ensure that Māori would retain the full, exclusive and undisturbed possession of their Māori Lands and Estates, Forests, Fisheries and other properties.

Bias in healthcare | LearnOnline

Health Quality & Safety Commission's video modules on understanding bias in health care. The modules were released for Wiki haumaru tūroro | Patient Safety Week (3–9 November 2019).

  • Module one: Understanding and addressing implicit bias
  • Module two: Te Tiriti o Waitangi, colonisation and racism
  • Module three: Experiences of bias. 

Toi Ako webinars | Toi Tangata
Toi Tangata is a Māori agency which develops, delivers, and champions kaupapa Māori based approaches to health, movement, and nutrition.  Toi Tangata specialises in positive health and works hard to create meaningful connections to kaupapa oranga Māori. The kaupapa of oranga Māori is expressed in the whakatauki Tama Tū Tama Ora – Through Physical Well-being We Thrive.  Toi Ako webinars are free sessions conducted in a seminar style presentation held online. These webinars are dynamic, easily digested and brief training sessions that enables Toi Tangata to be responsive and meet the needs identified by the sector. This provides a fluid opportunity for interested bodies to engage throughout Aotearoa and gives you the opportunity to hear from the fantastic speakers and knowledge gatherers we have.


Disability Responsiveness (Ko Awatea LEARN)
The aim of the course is to increase health professional's knowledge and confidence when working with disabled people by improving communication and challenging assumptions.

Working Under The Rainbow: LGBTTIF People in the Workplace (Ko Awatea LEARN)
This module introduces you to the Rainbow community and develops your understanding of why the Rainbow inclusion matters at work.  We also offer some ideas for you to create a welcoming environment.

Talanoa Mai app
Oranga Tamariki has developed an interactive mobile app – Talanoa Mai – to support staff in their day-to-day work when working with Pacific children, young people and their families. Can be downloaded for free from the Apple and Google Play stores.


Person Centred Care

Library Reading List: Patient Experience

Patient and Whaanau Centred Care clearinghouse

Person-Centred Care: SMS Toolkit [Health Navigator]


Collaboration and Partnering

Boundary-Spanning in Organizations : Network, Influence and Conflict

Collaborative Caring : Stories and Reflections on Teamwork in Health Care

Implementing Excellence In Your Health Care Organization : Managing, Leading And Collaborating

Interprofessional Teamwork for Health and Social Care

Team-Building Handbook: Improving Nurse-to-Nurse Relationships




Teamwork: The Story Starts with You (Ko Awatea LEARN)
This material has been provided by CTEC as an eLearning education opportunity.  This e-Learning module is for anyone who works as part of a clinical team. It explores and discusses the principles of explicit identification of leadership, role allocation, role maintenance and communicating for situational awareness.

ABC Tool to Help you Collaborate Effectively (Ko Awatea LEARN)
Through living our value of "Connecting" we need to also develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours of collaboration.  We use the word collaboration a lot, however this is not a behaviour many of us do naturally.  This toolkit has been created to help us to consider different Attitudes, Behaviours and Conversations that need to happen to collaborate.





Health Service Co-Design Toolkit [Waitemata DHB, NZ]

Experience Based Co-Design Toolkit [Point of Care Foundation, UK]



Communication and Connecting

A patient-centered view of the clinician-patient relationship

Communication: Establishing a Nurse-Patient Relationship

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Communication Case Studies for Health Care Professionals, Second Edition : An Applied Approach

Communication Skills For Adult Nurses

Critical Conversations in Healthcare Scripts & Techniques for Effective Interprofessional & Patient Communication

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Communication

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Emotional Intelligence

The Art of Communication in Nursing and Health Care : An Interdisciplinary Approach


Positive communication at work [NZ Mental Health Foundation]

Positive communication – communication that is based on respect and builds trust and collaboration – is the cornerstone of creating a mentally healthy workplace. Leaders and managers (and their teams) can use this resource to build a culture of positive communication together, based on having clear intentions, asking more – telling less, valuing relationships and making it safe to speak up. This resource can be used alone or alongside other tools in the Working Well suite of resources.




CALM Communications (Ko Awatea LEARN)
This eCourse will enable staff to be able to utilise effective communication strategies and remain safe when faced with challenging situations. This will include developing an understanding of the cycle of escalation and the role that communication plays in the de-escalation of a distressed person.


Health Literacy


Health Literacy clearinghouse


Health Literacy in Nursing : Providing Person-Centered Care


Health Literacy eModules (Ko Awatea LEARN)

Health literacy is the capacity to find, interpret and use information and health services to make effective decisions for health and wellbeing (Ministry of Health).  This course is made up of 6 eModules:

What is Health Literacy?
Organisational Health Literacy
Tools to Improve Health Literacy
Strategies to Improve Communication and Engagement with Māori
Effective engagement with Pacific patients and whānau 


Health Literacy: SMS Toolkit [Health Navigator]


Self management 


SMS Support Toolkit for health providers & healthcare staff

The self management toolkit is designed for health providers who are interested in self-management, care planning, health literacy and working in partnership with their clients, patients and families.  It includes guidelines, resources, videos and webinars on the following topic areas:

Care planning
Health coaching
Behaviour change
Health literacy
Person-centred care
Cultural competency



Performance - Delivering Results


Performance Accountability

Bullying and harassment

Workplace bullying prevention - resource kit

Strategies for surviving bullying at work : a self help guide for employees and managers

What to do when nurses hurt nurses

Understanding Management Competencies for Managing Bullying and Fostering Healthy Work in Nursing

Toxic nursing: Managing bullying, bad attitudes and total turmoil


Operating With Respect
RACS has launched new online, evidence-based training on discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment.  The e-learning module - Operating With Respect (members only, login required) - was developed for surgeons, by surgeons. Designed to help surgeons identify discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment, understand the impact it has and show surgeons how to deal with it effectively.

Safety and Quality Improvement 

Library Reading List: Quality and Safety 



Patient Safety Training (Ko Awatea LEARN)
Various modules for clinical and non clinical staff

Communication and Optimal Resolution (CANDOR) toolkit and learning resources [AHRQ]
Communication and Optimal Resolution (CANDOR) is a process that health care institutions and practitioners can use to respond in a timely, thorough, and just way when unexpected events cause patient harm.

Research and Evidence Based Practice

Information Skills Online: searching, writing and presenting skills (Auckland University)



Operational Excellence

Professional Skills and Competencies

Library Reading List: HBR Collection on Professional Development    


Personal development


Library Reading List: Personal Development and Well-being


Additional selected resources

B is for balance: A nurse's guide to caring for yourself at work and at home

Develop Your Assertiveness

HBR Guide to Getting the Mentoring You Need

Stronger: Develop the Resilience You Need to Succeed

The Road to Resilience [US APA]

How to be more mindful [MHFNZ]

Five ways to wellbeing: a best practice guide [MHFNZ]

HBR Guide to Managing Stress at Work

Tips to control stress [WebMD]

How to manage stress (Booklet) [MIND]

Working Well Guide and Resources [Mental Health Foundation]

Small Steps is a New Zealand web resource that you can use to maintain, manage, or improve your mental wellbeing

Looking after your self-ie: A guide to finding your balance on and offline [Royal Society for Public Health]

Overcoming secondary stress in medical and nursing practice: a guide to professional resilience and personal well-being