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Ameratunga,R., Casey,P., Parry,S., & Kenedi,C


Hypogammaglobulinemia factitia - Munchausen syndrome masquerading as common variable immune deficiency


Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology 2013;9(1):36-41   






Review of Medical humanities companion volume one: Symptom


Mental Health and Substance Use 2013;6(1):94-95      






Review of Medical humanities companion volume two: Diagnosis


Mental Health and Substance Use 2013;6(1):95-96      




Astell,H., Lee,JH., & Sankaran,S


Review of capacity assessments and recommendations for examining capacity


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1383):38-48    




Bailie,GR., Larkina,M., Goodkin,DA., Li,Y., Pisoni,RL., Bieber,B., Mason,N., Tong,L., LOcatelli,F., Marshall,MR., Inaba,M., & Robinson,BM


Variation in intravenous iron use internationally and over time: the dialysis outcomes and practice patterns study


Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 2013;28(10):2570-2579   




Baker,JR., Vandal,AC., Yeoh,J., Wong,S., & Ryan,S


Clinical trial participation improves outcome: a matched historical cohort study


Clinical Trials 2013;10(5):735-743   






Should chitosan and tranexamic acid be combined for improved hemostasis after sinus surgery?


Medical Hypotheses 2013;81(6):1036-8  




Bartley,J., Garett,J., Grant,CC., & Camargo,CA Jnr


Could Vitamin D have a potential anti-inflammatory and anti-infective role in bronchiectasis?


Current Infectious Disease Reports 2013;5(2):148-57     




Beingessner,DM., Scolaro,JA., Orec,JL., Nork,SE., & Barei,DP


Open reduction and intramedullary stabilisation of subtrochanteic femur fractures: a retrospective study of 56 cases


Injury 2013;44(12):1910-1915      




Biggar,MA., & Lennard,TWJ


Systematic review of phaeochromocytoma in pregnancy


British Journal of Surgery 2013;100(2):182-190   




Birry,A., & Jarrett,P


Scalp involvement by Sarcoptes scabiei var horminis resembling seborrhoeic dermatitis in two immunocompromised patients with systemic lupus erythematosus


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1380):75-8   




Bolen,MA., Setser,RM., Gabriel,RS., Renapurkar,RD., Tandon,Y., Lieber,ML., Desai,MY., & Flamm,SD


Effect of protocol choice on phase contrast cardiac magnetic resonance flow measurement in the ascending aorta: Breath-hold and non-breath-hold


International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging  2013;29(1):113-120      




Broadbent,E., Leggat,A., McLachlan,A., & Kerr,A


Providing cardiovascular risk management information to acute coronary syndrome patients: A randomised trial


British Journal of Health Psychology 2013;18(1):83-96    




Bromberg,JE., Doorduijn,JK., Illerhaus,G., Jahnke,K., Korfe,A., Fischer,L., Fritsch,K., Kuittinen,O., Issa,S., van Montfort,C., & van den Bent,MJ


Central nervous system recurrence of systemic lymphoma in the era of stem cell transplantation - An international primary central nervous system lymphoma study group project


Haematologica 2013;98(5):808-813    




Buchanan D.D., Win A.K., Walsh M.D., Walters R.J., Clendenning M., Nagler B., Pearson S.-A., Macrae F.A., Parry S., Arnold J., Winship I., Giles G.G., Lindor N.M., Potter J.D., Hopper J.L., Rosty C., Young J.P., & Jenkins M.A


Family history of colorectal cancer in BRAF p.V600emutated colorectal cancer cases


Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention 2013;22(5):917-926  




Bushell,T., Mchugh,C., & Meyer,MP


A comparison of two nasal continuous positive airway pressure interfaces - A randomized crossover study


Journal of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine 2013;6(1):53-59  



Chan,WC., Winnard,D., Brebner,C., & Orr-Walker,B


What does 'undiagnosed' diabetes really mean?


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1372):99-101     




Chang,HCL., Burbridge,H., & Wong,C


Extensive deep vein thrombosis following prolonged gaming ('gamers thrombosis'): a case report


Journal of Medical Case Reports 2013;7:235   




Chang,WK., Srinivasa,S., MacCormick,AD., & Hill,AG


Gentamicin-collagen implants to reduce surgical site infection: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized trials


Annals of Surgery 2013;258(1):59-65    




Clendenning,M., Young,JP., Walsh,MD., Woodall,S., Arnold,J., Jenkins,M., Win,AK., Hopper,JL., Sweet,K., Gallinger,S., Rosty,C., Parry,S., & Buchanan,DD


Germline mutations in the polyposis-associated genes BMPR1A, SMAD4., PTEN, MUTYH and GREM1 are not common in individuals with Serrated Polyposis Syndrome


PLoS ONE 2013;8(6):e66705      




Collis,J., Collocott,S., Hing,W., & Kelly,E


The effect of night extension orthoses following surgical release of dupuytren contracture: a single-center, randomized, controlled trial


Journal of Hand Surgery 2013;38A:1285-1294    






Lest we forget: the First World War's terrible toll on New Zealanders


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1385):6-8    




Connolly,AB., & Hill,AG


Surgeon-scientist downunder


Surgery 2013;153(1):131-2    




Dalbeth,N., Gow,P., Stamp,L., Mirriman,T., Stuart,R., Winnard,D., & Lindsay,K


New urate-lowering therapies in Aotearoa New Zealand: a response to Dr Lance Gravatt's letter on benzbromarone hepattotoxicity


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1382):120-123      




Dargaville P.A., Copnell B., Mills J.F., Haron I., Lee J.K.F., Tingay D.G., Rohana J., Mildenhall L.F., Jeng M.-J.Y., Narayanan A., Battin M.R., Kuschel C.A., Sadowsky J.L., Patel H., Kilburn C.J., Carlin J.B., & Morley C.J


Fluid recovery during lung lavage in meconium aspiration syndrome


Acta Paediatrica, International Journal of Paediatrics 2013;102(2):e90-e93      




de Almeida,MN., Heffernan,H., Dervan,A., Bakker,S., Freeman,JT., Bhally,H., Taylor,SL., Riley,TV., & Roberts,SA


Severe clostridium difficile infection in New Zealand associated with an emerging atrain, PCR-ribotype 244


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1380):9-14   




De Sanjose S., Alemany L., Ordi J., Tous S., Alejo M., Bigby S.M., Joura E.A., Maldonado P., Laco J., Bravo I.G., Vidal A., Guimera N., Cross P., Wain G.V., Petry K.U., Mariani L., Bergeron C., Mandys V., Sica A.R., Felix A., Usubutun A., Seoud M., Hernandez-Suarez G., Nowakowski A.M., Wilson G., Dalstein V., Hampl M., Kasamatsu E.S., Lombardi L.E., Tinoco L., Alvarado-Cabrero I., Perrotta M., Bhatla N., Agorastos T., Lynch C.F., Goodman M.T., Shin H.-R., Viarheichyk H., Jach R., Cruz M.O.L.E., Velasco J., Molina C., Bornstein J., Ferrera A., Domingo E.J., Chou C.-Y., Banjo A.F., Castellsague X., Pawlita M., Lloveras B., Quint W.G.V., Munoz N., & Bosch F.X.


Worldwide human papillomavirus genotype attribution in over 200 cases of intraepithelial and invasive lesions of the vulva.


European Journal of Cancer 2013;49(16):3450-3461    




De Silva,CU., Tha,HL., Armstrong,D., & Walker,K


Timely delivery of hip fracture care: a Middlemore Hospital audit


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1384):77-83          




Denny,S., Farrant,B., Cosgriff,J., Harte,M., Cameron,T., Johnson,R., McNair,V., Utter,J., Crengle,S., Fleming,T., Ameratunga,S., Sheridan,J., & Robinson,E


Forgone health care among secondary school students in New Zealand


Journal of Primary Health Care 2013;5(1):11-18        




Dimopoulos M., Siegel D.S., Lonial S., Qi J., Hajek R., Facon T., Rosinol L., Williams C., Blacklock H., Goldschmidt H., Hungria V., Spencer A., Palumbo A., Graef T., Eid J.E., Houp J., Sun L., Vuocolo S., & Anderson K.C.


Vorinostat or placebo in combination with bortezomib in patients with multiple myeloma (VANTAGE 088): A multicentre, randomised, double-blind study.


The Lancet Oncology 2013;14(11):1129-1140    




Dunlop,JL., Vandal,AC., De Zoysa,JR., Gabriel,S., Haloob,IA., Hood,CJ., Matheson,PJ., McGregor,DOR., Rabindranath,KS., Semple,DJ., & Marshall,MR


Rationale and design of the Sodium Lowering in Dialysate (SoLID) trial: A randomised controlled trial of low versus standard dialysate sodium concentration during hemodialysis for regression of left ventricular mass


BMC Nephrology 2013;14(1):149        



Ekeroma,AJ., Pollock,T., Kenealy,T., Shurulf,B., Sopoaga,F., Montarzi,ME., McCowan,L., & Hill,A


Pacific Island publications in the reproductive health literature 2000-2011: With New Zealand as a reference


Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2013;53(2):197-202       




Gray,S., Lennon,D., Anderson,P., Stewart,J., & Farrell,E


Nurse-led school-based clinics for skin infections and rheumatic fever prevention: Results from a pilot study in South Auckland


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1373):53-61        




Gresham,C., Utting,K., Williams,C., & Schep,L


Colchicine poisoning: defusing the ticking time bomb


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1370):135-6       




Gupta,R., & Gow,PJ


Inflammatory myopathies - a review of newly diagnosed patients (2004-2008) in the Counties Manukau region


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1370):89-95     




Harrison,JD., Kim,A., Al-Ali,S., & Morton,RP


Postmortem investigation of mylohyoid hiatus and hernia: aetiological factors of plunging ranula


Clinical Anatomy 2013;26(6):693-699     




Hicks,K., & Wong,C


Identifying lung cancer patients who may be eligible for epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutation testing


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1381):49-56    




Hopgood,T., Percival,T., Stewart,J., & Ameratunga,S


A tale of two cities: paradoxical intensity of traffic calming around Auckland schools.


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1374):22-28    




Hsiang,JC., Bai,W., & Lal,D


Symptom presentations and other characteristics of colorectal cancer patients and the diagnostic performance of the Auckland Regional Grading Criteria for suspected colorectal cancer in the South Auckland population


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1382):95-107    




Hsiang,J., Selvaratnam,S., Taylor,S., Yeoh,J., Tan,Y., Huang,J., & Patrick,A


Increasing primary antibiotic resistance and ethnic differences in eradication rates of helicobacter pylori infection in New Zealand- a new look at an old enemy


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1384):64-76    



Issa,S., & Ingley,K


A case of refractory anemia with ring sideroblasts and associated thrombocytosis


Blood 2013;121(21):4256     




Jackson,R., Kerr,A., & Wells,S


Vascular risk calculators: Essential but flawed clinical tools?


Circulation 2013;127(19):1929-1931     




Jarrett,RH., norman,EJ., Gibson,IR., & Jarrett,P


Curettage and diathermy: A treatment for feline nasal planum actinic dysplasia and superficial squamous cell carcinoma


Journal of Small Animal Practice 2013;54(2):92-98     




Jayaram,L., Wong,C., McAuley,S., Rea,H., Zeng,I., & O'Dochartaigh,C


Combined therapy with tiotropium and formoterol in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Effect on the 6-minute walk test


COPD: Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 2013;10(4):466-4725    




Kang,MY., Sykes,P., Herbison,PY., Petrich,S


Retrospective analysis on timeframes of referral, diagnosis and treatment of patients with endometrial carcinomas in Dunedin Hospital, 2008-2011


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1384):84-95      






Pharmacotherapy for posttraumatic stress disorder


Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management 2013;20(1):21-33    




Koschwanez,HE., Kerse,N., Darragh,M., Jarrett,P., Booth,RJ., & Braodbent,E


Expressive writing and wound healing in older adults: a randomized controlled trial


Psychosomatic Medicine 2013;75(6):581-590   




Lee,J., Bidwell,T., & Metcalfe,R


Ultrasound in pediatric peripheral nerve injuries: can this affect our surgical decision making? A preliminary report


Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics 2013;33(2):152-8    




Lee,S., Knox,A., Zeng,IS., Coomarasamy,C., Blacklock,H., & Issa,S


Primary prophylaxis with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (GCSF) reduces the incidence of febrile neutropenia in patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) receiving CHOP chemotherapy treatment without adversely affecting their quality of life: cost-benefit and quality of life analysis


Supportive Care in Cancer 2013;21(3):841-6      




Lemanu,DP., Singh,PP., Berridge,K., Burr,M., Birch,C., Babor,R., MacCormick,AD., Arroll,B., & Hill,AG


Randomized clinical trial of enhanced recovery versus standard care after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy


British Journal of Surgery 2013;100(4):482-489    




Lilic,N., & Cicovic,S


Laparoscopic cholecystectomy: An unexpected and delayed complication


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1376):42-48    




Lilic,N., & Kumar,P


A timely reminder-rheumatic fever


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1373):42-48   




Lim,MH., Garrett,J., Mowlem,L., & Yap,E


Diagnosing malignant pleural effucions: How do we compare?


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1381):42-48   




Lin,DC., Khaleghian,R., Horsley,C., & Kendrick-Jones,J


Dramatic hydronephrosis caused by pelvic-ureteric junction obstruction in a morbidly obese man


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1376):91-92      




Low,IC., Yang,RYT., & Symmans,PJ


Microscopic kaposiform hemangioendothlioma with extensive lymphangiomatosis: An extraordinary example of an unusual entity


International Journal of Surgical Pathology 2013;21(3):297-302    



Marshall,MR., van der Schrieck,N., Lilley,D., Supershad,SK., Ng,A., Walker,RC., & Dunlop,JL


Independent community house hemodialysis as a novel dialysis setting: an observational cohort study


American Journal of Kidney Diseases 2013;61(4):598-607      




McKinstry,S., & Lewis,C


Bilateral plunging ranula: two case reports and a review of the literature


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1385):67-72      




Meredith I.T., Verheye S., Weissman N.J., Barragan P., Scott D., Chavarri M.V., West N.E.J., Kelbaek H., Whitbourn R., Walters D.L., Kubica J., Thuesen L., Masotti M., Banning A., Sjogren I., Stables R.H., Allocco D.J., & Dawkins K.D.


Six-month IVUS and two-year clinical outcomes in the EVOLVE FHU trial: A randomised evaluation of a novel bioabsorbable polymer-coated, everolimus-eluting stent.


EuroIntervention 2013;9(3):308-315    






Bronchopulmonary dysplasia and erythropoietin


Neonatology 2013;103(2):123    




Naghdi,S., Ansari,NN., Fathali,M., Bartley,J Varedi,M., & Honarpishe,R


A pilot study into the effect of low-level laser therapy in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis


Physical Therapy Practice 2013;29(8):596-603    




Oakley,E., Borland,M., Neutze,J., Acworth,J., Krieser,D., Dalziel,S., Davidson,A., Donath,S., Jachno,K., South,M., Theophilos,T., & Babl,FE


Nasogastric hydration versus intravenous hydration for infants with bronchiolitis: a randomised trial


The Lancet Respiratory Medicine 2013;1(2):113-120   




O'Regan,T., Chau,K., Tatton,M., Smith,T., Parry,S., & Bissett,I


Immunochemistry screening for Lynch syndrome in colorectal adenocarcinoma using an initial two antibody panel can replace a four antibody panel


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1382):70-77   




Ormiston,JA., Watson,T., Van Pelt,N., Stewart,R., Haworth,P., Stewart,JT., & Webster,MWI


First-in-human use of the OneShot renal denervation System for Covidien


EuroIntervention 2013;8(9):1090-1093      




Ormiston,JA., Watson,T., Van Pelt,N., Stewart,R.,  Stewart,JT., White,JM., Doughty,RN., Stewart,F., Masdonald,R & Webster,MWI


Renal denervation for resistant hypertension using an irrigated radiofrequency balloon: 12-month results from the Renal Hypertension Ablatin System (RHAS) trial


EuroIntervention 2013;9(1):70-74      



Prowse R.L., Dalbeth N., Kavanaugh A., Adebajo A.O., Gaffo A.L., Terkeltaub R., Mandell B.F., Suryana B.P.P., Goldenstein-Schainberg C., Diaz-Torne C., Khanna D., Liote F., McCarthy G., Kerr G.S., Yamanaka H., Janssens H., Baraf H.F., Chen J.-H., Vazquez-Mellado J., Harrold L.R., Stamp L.K., Van De Laar M.A., Janssen M., Doherty M., Boers M., Edwards N.L., Gow P., Chapman P., Khanna P., Helliwell P.S., Grainger R., Schumacher H.R., Neogi T., Jansen T.L., Louthrenoo W., Sivera F., & Taylor W.J.


A Delphi exercise to identify characteristic features of gout - Opinions from patients and physicians, the first stage in developing new classification criteria


Journal of Rheumatology 2013;40(4):498-505    






CORR InsightsTM: Is limited incision better than standard total hip arthroplasty? A meta-analysis


Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Research 2013;471(4):1295-6    




Pui,K., Gow,PJ., & Dalbeth,N


Efficacy and tolerability of probenecid as urate-lowering therapy in gout; Clinical experience in high-prevalence population


Journal of Rheumatology 2013;40(6):872-876    




Richmond,BI., Hadlow,SV., Lynskey,TG., Walker,CG., & Munro,JT


Proximal tibial bone density is preserved after unicompartmental knee arthroplasty


Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Research 2013;471(5):1661-9    




Rome,K., Erikson,K., Ng,A., Gow,PJ., Sahid,H., & Williams,AE


A new podiatry service for patients with arthritis


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1370):70-77    




Rome K., Stewart S., Vandal A.C., Gow P., McNair P., Dalbeth N.


The effects of commercially available footwear on foot pain and disability in people with gout: a pilot study.


BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2013;14:278-286     




Rosty,C., Young,JP., Walsh,MD., Clendenning,M., Sanderson,K., Walters,RJ., Parry,S., Jenkins,MA., Win,AK., Southey,MC., Hopper,JL., Giles,GG., Williamson,EJ., English,DR., & Buchanan,DD 


PIK3CA activating mutation in colorectal carcinoma: Associations with molecular features and survival


PLoS ONE 2013;8(6):e65479      




Rosty,C., Young,JP., Walsh,MD., Clendenning,M., Walters,RJ., Pearson,S., Pavluk,E., Nagler,B., Pakenas,D., Jass,JR., Jenkins,MA., Win,AK., Southey,MC., Parry,S., Hopper,JL., Giles,GG., Williamson,E., English,DR., Buchanan,DD


Colorectal carcinomas with KRAS mutation are associated with distinctive morphological and molecular features


Modern Pathology 2013;26(6):825-834      



Santhanakrishnan,R., Ng,TP., Cameron,VA., Gamble,GD., Ling,LH., Sim,D., Leong,GKT., Yeo,PSD., Ong,HY., Jaufeerally,F., Wong,RCC., Chai,P., Low,AF., Lund,M., Devlin,G., Troughton,R., Richards,AM., Doughty,RN., & Lam,CSP


The Singapore heart failure outcomes and phenotypes (SHOP) study and prospective evaluation of outcome in patients with heart failure with preserved left ventricular ejection fraction (PEOPLE) study: Rationale and design


Journal of Cardiac Failure 2013;19(3):156-162      




Seddon,ME., Jackson,A., Cameron,C., Young,ML., Escott,L., Maharaj,A., & Miller,N


The adverse drug event collaborative: a joint venture to measure medication-related patient harm


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1368):9-20    




Singh,PP., & Hill,AG


Fast-track elective colectomy: single-surgeon experience of 100 consecutive cases


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1369):8-15    




Srinivasa,S., & Hill,AG


Uptake of optimized perioperative care: A work in progress


ANZ Journal of Surgery 2013;83(5):302-3     




Srinivasa,S., Kahokehr,A., Soop,M., Taylor,M., & Hill,AG


Goal-directed fluid therapy- A survey of anaesthetists in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand


BMC Anesthesiology 2013;83(5):302-3     




Srinivasa,S., Lemanu,DP., Singh,PP., Taylor,MH., & Hill,AG


Systematic review and meta-analysis of oesophageal Doppler-guided fluid managment in colorectal surgery


British Journal of Surgery 2013;100(13):1701-8     




Srinivasa,S., Taylor,MH., Singh,PP., Pu,TC., Soop,M., & Hill,AG


Randomized clinical trial of goal-directed fluid therapy within an enhanced recovery protocol for elective colectomy


British Journal of Surgery 2013;100(1):66-74    




Sun,TY., Lee,KE., Kendrick-Jones,JC., & Marshall,MR


Ethnic differences in creatinine kinetics in a New Zealand end-stage kidney disease cohort


Nephrology 2013;18(3):222-228   





Thornley S., Marshall R.J., Jackson R., Gentles D., Dalbeth N., Crengle S., Kerr A., Wells S


Is serum urate causally associated with incident cardiovascular disease?


Rheumatology 2013;52(1):135-142    




Todd,AK., Hall,RJ., Wang,J., Peacey,M., McTavish,S., Rand,CJ., Stanton,JA., Taylor,S., & Huang,QS


Detection and whole genome sequence analysis of an enterovirus 68 cluster


Virology Journal 2013;48(8):772-779    




Trenholme,AA., Byrnes,CA., McBride,C., Lennon,DR., Chan-Mow,F., Vogel,AM., Stewart,JM., & Percival,T


Respiratory health outcomes 1 year after admission with severe lower respiratory tract infection


Pediatric Pulmonology 2013;48(8):772-779    




Turnock,A., Calder,PC., West,AL., Izzard,M., Morton,RP., & Plank,LD


Perioperative immunonutrition in well-nourished patients undergoing surgery for head and neck cancer: Evaluation of inflammatory and immunologic outcomes


Nutrients 2013;5(4):1186-1199      




Ushan De Silva,C., Tha,H., Armstrong,D., & Walker,K


Time delivery of hip fracture care, a Middlemore Hospital audit


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1384):77-83   




van der Merwe,A., Thompson,JMD., & Alec,J


Factors affecting vaginal birth after caesarean section at Middlemore Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1383):49-57    




Vogel,AM., Lennon,DR., Gray,S., Farrell,E., & Anderson,P


Registered nurse assessment and treatment of skin sepsis in New Zealand schools: the development of protocols


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1380):27-38      




Vogel,AM., Trenholme,AA., Stewart,JM., Best,E., McBride,C., & Lennon,DR


Impact of pneumococcal vaccine on hospital admission with lower respiratory infection in children resident in South Auckland, New Zealand


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1378):26-35    




Voss,J., Martin,A., Caldwell,I., Lee,M., & Kerr,AJ


How long do acute coronary syndrome patients wait for reperfusion, diagnostic coronary angiography and surgical revascularisation?


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1376):38-48    



Walker,R., Derrett,S., Campbell,J., Marshall,MR., Henderson,A., Schollum,J., Williams,S., & McNoe,B


Dialysis outcomes in those aged >=65 years


BMC Nephrology 2013;14(1):175    




Walls,G., Noonan,L., Wilson,E., Holland,D., & Briggs,S


Successful use of locally applied polyhexamethylene biguanide as an adjunct to the treatment of fungal osteomyelitis


Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology 2013;24(2):109-112   




Walton,L., McNeill,R., Stevens,W., Murray,M., Lewis,C., Aitken,D., & Garrett,J


Patient perceptions of barriers to the early diagnosis of lung cancer and advice for health service improvement


Family Practice 2013;30(4):436-444      




Wang, TK., Samaranayake,CB., & Tout,S


Cancellations on the day of elective gynaecological surgery: the Counties Manukau experience


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1374):96-99    




Weller,J., Shulruf,B., Torrie,J., Frengley,R., Boyd,M., Paul,A., Yee,B., & Dzendrowskyj,P


Validation of a measurement tool for self-assessment of teamwork in intensive care


British Journal of Anaesthesia 2013;111(3):460-467    




Win A.K., Parry S., Parry B., Kalady M.F., Macrae F.A., Ahnen D.J., Young G.P., Lipton L., Winship I., Boussioutas A., Young J.P., Buchanan D.D., Arnold J., Le Marchand L., Newcomb P.A., Haile R.W., Lindor N.M., Gallinger S., Hopper J.L., & Jenkins M.A.


Risk of metachronous colon cancer following surgery for rectal cancer in mismatch repair gene mutation carriers


Annals of Surgical Oncology 2013;20(6):1829-1836      




Winnard,D., Wright,C., Jackson,G., Gow,P., Kerr,A., McLachlan,A., Orr-Walker,B., & Dalbeth,N


Gout, diabetes and cardiovascular disease in the Aotearoa New Zealand adult population: co-prevalence and implications for clinical practice


New Zealand Medical Journal 2013;126(1368):53-64    




Wong,C., Jayaram,L., & Chang,L


Mannose-binding lectin and innate immunity in bronchiectasis


The Lancet Respiratory Medicine 2013;1(3):179-180    




Wong,C., Jayaram,L., Karalus,N., & Tong,C


Authors' reply


The Lancet  2013;381(9860):27      




Wong,C., & Jones,S


Oxidative stress and macrolides in bronchiectasis - exhaling few clues


Respirology 2013;18(7):1037-1038      




Wong,W., Lennon,DR., Crone,S., Neutze,JM., & Reed,PW


Prospective population-based study on the burden of disease from post-streptoccal glomerulonephritis of hospitilised children in New Zealand: epidemiology, clinical features and complications


Journal of Paediatric and Child Health 2013;49(10):850-855      




Wong,WK., & Morton,RP


Elective management of cervical and parotid lymph nodes in stage N0 cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck:a decision analysis


European Journal of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 2013;Dec14:Epubaheadofprint   




Yap,E., Chua,WM., Jayaram,L., Zeng,I., Vandal,AC., & Garret,J


Can we predict sputum eosinophilia from clinical assessment in patients referred to an adult asthma clinic?


Internal Medicine Journal 2013;43(1):46-52       




Young,SW., Zhang,M., Freeman,JT., Vince,KG., & Coleman,B


Higher cefazolin concentrations with intraosseous regional prophylaxis in TKA


Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Research  2013;471(1):244-249    




Yozu,M., Symmans,P., Dray,M., Griffin,J., Han,C., Ng,D., Parry,S., & Wong,K


Muir-Torre syndrome-associated pleomorphic liposarcoma arising in a previous radiation field


Virchows Archiv  2013;462(3):355-60    






Ansell Irving,L., McAra-Couper,J., & Smythe,E


Shoulder dystocia: a qualitative exploration of what works 


Midwifery 2012;28(4):E521-528    




Anstice,N., Spink,J., Abdul-Rahman,A


Review of preschool vision screening referrals in South Auckland, New Zealand 


Clinical & Experimental Optometry 2012;95(4):442-448    




Barnhill, D., McKillop,A., & Aspinall,C


The impact of postgraduate education on registered nurses working in acute care  


Nursing Praxis in New Zealand 2012;28(2):27-36    




Bartley,J., Eagleton,N., Rosser,P., Al-Ali,S


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