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  • Overview of the app
  • Downloading the app
  • Access from your desktop
  • Creating a user account
  • Setting up full-text access
  • Setting up notifications and email alerts
  • Creating, sharing and following collections
  • Tips

Read by QxMD Overview


Create, Share and Follow Collections (App)

Add articles to a Collection:

  1. Sign into the Read by QxMD app
  2. Tap the search icon (bottom-right of the app screen)
  3. Enter your search term and select the Search button
  4. Select (tap) the article you would like to add to a collection
  5. Click on the  symbol (top of article)
  6. Select the + Add to My Collection link
  7. Either ​Enter the Collection Name (for a new collection) or select an existing collection (from the list)
  8. Repeat steps 2-7 to add additional articles

Share a Collection:

  1. Tap on the  symbol at the bottom of the app screen
  2. The Saved Papers view will display with a list of My Personal Collections
  3. Tap the Publish button alongside the collection you would like to share
  4. Alongside the Visibility setting tap PRIVATE - to change the setting to PUBLIC
  5. Enter a Description (optional)
  6. Click the Done (or tick or Finish) button

The collection can now be selected by other users (see Notifications/Alerts box).

To Follow a Collection:

Note: This assumes the user has downloaded the app and created a profile.

  1. Sign into the Read by QxMD app and select the Settings cog (top corner)
  2. Select the Settings cog (top-right corner)
  3. Under Content Settings:
    • Select Collections to Follow
    • Enter a search term in the Search for a Public Collection box (for example: ANZCA Clinical Trials Network) and click the Search button
  4. Select the Collection you would like to follow (by selecting the tick box alongside the collection)
  5. Click Done (or tick) when complete


Read by QxMD aims to provide a single place to keep up with new medical & scientific research.

It provides a simple interface that drives discovery and seamless access to the medical literature by reformatting it into a personalized digital medical journal.




  • Get full-text PDFs with one tap
  • Keep up with the latest new research that will impact your practice
  • Browse through 1000s of outstanding topic reviews
  • Search millions of articles from PubMed and our database of outstanding topic reviews
  • Read your favorite journals or browse article collections.
  • Access full-text through the Counties Manukau Health Library's institutional subscription or via open access publishers
  • Share articles with colleagues over email, Twitter and Facebook
  • Organize and review your personal collection of articles


Download & access

Download the Read by QXMD app:

You can download the app through the QXMD website:

Or via one of these links:

Signing in:

Once you have downloaded the app, CM Health staff will need to create a user account (see sidebar), which will allow them to keep up-to-date on their specialist topics, favourite journals and so on.

  1. Open the app
  2. New users should will need to set up a new account (see sidebar)
  3. If you already have an account:
    • Sign in with Facebook OR
    • Enter your account credentials:
      • Select the LOGIN link
      • Enter Email and Password
      • Click the Sign In button on the top-right

Setting up institutional/full-text access:

  1. Once signed in, select the Settings cog (top corner)
  2. Under Account Settings, select Institutional Access
  3. Select Counties Manukau Health
  4. Select your login preference = Choose automatic login
  5. User name: Employee staff number 
    Password: your first name
  6. Click Done (or tick) when complete


It is possible to set up the Read by QxMD app to send alerts/notifications based on a whole range of settings, including publication of articles related to chosen specialties, journals, collections and keywords.

  1. Sign into the Read by QxMD app and select the Settings cog (top corner)

  2. Select the Settings cog (top-right corner)

  3. Under Content Settings:
    • Select one of the following:
      • Specialties to Follow
      • Journals to Follow
      • Collections to Follow
      • Keywords to Follow
    • Search/select/enter your specialty(-ties)/journals(s)/collection(s)/keywords for which you would like to set up alerts/notifications
    • Click Done (or tick) when complete

  4. Under Account Settings, select App Settings & Information (or App Settings on Android)

  5. The following settings can be adjusted:
    • Automatic PDF Download
    • Download Finished Notification
    • Color Code Papers by Paper Type
    • Attach PDF when Emailing Papers
    • Notification Settings: Push & Email Notifications [*recommended]
      • New articles from journals you've subscribed to*
      • New articles from collections you've subscribed to
      • New articles from keywords you've subscribed to
      • Landmark new research
      • General notifications
      • Updates on Read
      • Updates on QxMD news, software updates and the latest information on our products, services and partners
      • This Week's Most Read Papers*
      • Weekly Update
      • New comment on paper's I'm interested in
      • New follower for my shared collection
      • New comment on papers in my collection
      • Trending papers*
    • Click Done (or tick) when complete

Accessing Read by QxMD from your desktop

Access Read by QxMD on your desktop:

Read by QxMD - web-accessible version


Create a user account in Read by QxMD

User accounts can be used to personalise access, set up notifications and download PDF content for the Read by QxMD app.

  1. After installing, open the app
  2. Click on the green SIGN UP (or NEW ACCOUNT) button
  3. Complete the Personalization form:
    • Your Profession - for example: Physician
    • Your Specialty = example: Anesthesiology 
    • Your Location = New Zealand
  4. Click Next (or Continue)
  5. Add any other specialties and click Next (or Continue) OR don't select anything and click Skip
  6. Add Keywords, Collections and Journals of interest and click Next (or Continue) OR don't select anything and click Skip
  7. Sign in using Facebook OR enter your name/email credentials to create a Read by QxMD profile:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Work ZIP (Post Code)
    • Email
    • Password
  8. Click Done (or Finish) when complete